Im on the look for opcode studio vision cd installer's - any version prior to 4.0! (i already have a copy of 4.0) if anyone has 3.5 or 2.08 and feels like uploading a copy to share with me, please send PM! thanks

Author Topic: late 90s synths  (Read 306 times)

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late 90s synths
« on: December 10, 2015, 10:00:41 PM »
alesis quadrasynth plus | sos
alesis s4 plus
clavia nord lead
clavia nord rack
korg prophecy | sos
korg trinity | sos
korg x5d / x5dr
novation bass station rack
quasimidi technox  | sos
roland xp-50
yamaha qs300 | sos

Alesis QS6
Alesis QS7
Alesis QS8
Alesis QSR
E-mu Orbit 9090
Kawai K5000/K5000R
Kurzweil k2500
Roland XP-60
Roland XP-80
Roland JP-8000
Waldorf Pulse
Yamaha CS1X

Access Virus
Clavia Nord Lead 2 / Nord lead 2 rack
e-mu carnaval
e-mu planet phatt
Ensoniq ASR-X
Korg Z1
Roland JV-2080
Yamaha AN1X
Waldorf Microwave II

Clavia Nord Modular
E-mu audity 2000
Ensoniq ASR-X pro
Ensoniq ZR-76
Ensonq Fizmo
Korg TR-Rack
Novation Supernova
Roland JP-8080
Roland MC-505
Yamaha EX5/EX7
Yamaha FS1R

Clavia Nord Micro Modular
E-mu b3
E-mu proteus 2000
Korg Electribe
Korg Triton
Kurweil K2600/K2600R
Novation Nova
Roland JV-1010
Roland XP-30 (GS compatible?)
Waldorf Q
Yamaha RM1X