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ATI Rage 128 Mac Edition PCI

LEM Staff - 1999.07.25

The ATI Rage 128 is a PCI video card that works in a standard 33 MHz PCI slot or Apple’s accelerated 66 MHz PCI slot. It was the standard video card on the Blue & White Power Mac G3 and the Yikes! Power Mac G4, where it sat in the lone 66 MHz PCI slot. According to Accelerate Your Mac, the card only sees about a 10% performance gain on the faster bus.

ATI Rage 128 Mac Edition PCIThe Blue & White G3 was Apple’s third PCI Power Mac without motherboard video; the first two were the Power Mac 9500 and 9600, which usually shipped with the ixMicro Twin Turbo video card. This was the first time Apple used a VGA connector on a desktop Mac.

Because Mac OS 8.0 and later include support for Rage 128 graphics, there is no need to try to locate and download official ATI drivers. Good thing, because since AMD took over ATI, access and support for such old hardware has pretty much vanished.

The Rage 128 card has a connector for a DVD decoder card. Many articles mention poor 16-bit image quality, and 32-bit operation is nearly as fast.

ATI shipped several Mac compatible cards based on the Rage 128 chipset. These include the Orion, Nexus, and VR cards.


GPU: Rage 128
GPU speed: 166 MHz
PCI bus speed/width: 33/66 MHz, 32 bits
Video memory: 32 MB
Memory speed: 166 MHz
Memory bus: 256 bits
Resolutions: 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1440
Ports: DVI-I and VGA
Dual monitor support: no
Cooling fan: yes
Minimum OS: Mac OS 8.0