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Author Topic: inside macintosh: interapplication communication (ebook, 1985)  (Read 2150 times)

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inside macintosh: interapplication communication (ebook, 1985)
« on: November 25, 2017, 01:19:34 AM »

Interapplication Communication
This entire work is pre-OSX and represents (AFAIK) the original AppleScript documentation from 1993. The code examples are in Pascal (I think!) and of little practical use. However, aside from historical interest, there’s a lot of useful conceptual material explaining how AppleScript works in great detail. Much of the relevant technical information is now contained in Cocoa Scripting Guide (see above

Apple is meticulous in its documentation of the Mac OS, and the result is the Inside Macintosh series. Apple and A-W make this documentation available to you in a variety of formats: Individual bound books (paper! how novel!) Electronic full text in DocViewer format: Inside Mac CD-ROM Electronic quick reference: Macintosh Programmers Toolbox Assistant The complete list of 27 titles is pretty daunting, but take heart. You can think of Inside Mac topics in two groups: those that are common to all Macs, and those that are specific to your application. The core technology topics: The Macintosh Toolbox Interapplication Communication Text Imaging with QuickDraw Memory, Processes, Files, Operating System Utilities, Devices Specialized technology topics: QuickTime PowerPC System Software, PowerPC Numerics Sound Networking AOCE QuickDraw GX

found here:
IAC_CH (Title Page)
IAC_CH0 (Colophon)
IAC_CH0 (Copyright Page)
IAC_CH0 (Figures Tables & Listings)
IAC_CH0 (Preface)
IAC_CH0 (Table Of Contents)
IAC_CH1 (Intro to Interapplication Communication)
IAC_CH2 (Edition_Manager)
IAC_CH3 (Intro to Apple Events)
IAC_CH4 (Responding to Apple Events)
IAC_CH5 (Creating & Sending Apple Events)
IAC_CH6 (Resolving & Creating Object Specifier Records)
IAC_CH7 (Intro to Scripting)
IAC_CH8 (AE Terminology Resources)
IAC_CH9 (Recording Apple Events)
IAC_CH10 (Scripting Components)
IAC_CH11 (Program to Program Communications Toolbox)
IAC_CH12 (Data Access Manager)
IAC_CHXX (Glossary)
IAC_CHXX (Index)