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Author Topic: early 90s roland/akai SCSI support REMOVED on windows recycle v1.7  (Read 4100 times)

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support for the following samplers was removed in recycle v1.7 due to SCSI incompatibilities introduced in windows 95/98/NT
(roland s760, akai s1000, akai s1100, akai s2800, akai s3000, akai CD3000, akai S3200)

what the article doesnt say, but is logical to assume, is that these samplers PREVIOUSLY WERE SUPPORTED on WINDOWS
that is.. WINDOWS 3.11 - which SCSI implementation is 100% compatible with these samplers... so in otherwords.. in order to use these akai/roland samplers with recycle + SCSI TX/RX communication, you will need a windows 3.11 pc with a scsi card + an old copy of recycle that is prior to version 1.7. or a macintosh (powerpc 600 series,68k,g3,g4 *not* g5)  with any version of recycle up to v2.0

for guidance on this: check out my windows 3.1 section
and remember to read up on memory limitations
the memory limitations alone mean that you need a motherboard that will accept at a minimum 256mb or 128mb ram modules in order to get your total memory under 256mb. if you have this covered.. u can download the dos + windows 3.11 install cds directly from oldschooldaw.

the following quote explains the reason for the loss of support on windows:

Dropped SCSI support for some old samplers

In version 1.7, SCSI support for some samplers has been dropped, on the Windows platform. The reason is that the SCSI implementation in these models is not Windows 95/98/NT compatible, and the manufacturers have informed us that the samplers will not be updated, at least not in this respect.

In previous versions of ReCycle it was possible to circumvent this problem by using DOS drivers for the SCSI card. This method had several drawbacks. It was extremely complicated to get working, it prevented use of the SCSI card for other purposes and it hampered the performance of the computer etc.

ReCycle is now a true 32 bit program and it runs under NT as well as Windows 95 and 98. For this and for other technical reasons the compromised solution with SCSI DOS drivers is not an option anymore. Hence, the SCSI support for some older samplers had to be dropped.

this article seems relevant:
Solving Akai Sampler SCSI & CD-ROM Compatibility Problems
Tips & Tricks
Published in SOS November 1997


Akai samplers run SCSI 1 and, as you may be aware, Windows 95 runs SCSI 2. This has caused a few problems for PC-based ReCycle and Sound Forge users, who rely on SMIDI transfers to operate these packages. There are currently two (rather technical) approaches to this problem: either use a DOS layer to drive your SCSI card, by disabling the Windows driver in the Device Manager, renaming the WINASPI.DLL and WNASPI32.DLL files (in the system folder) to XXXX.OLD, and entering, for example, the ASPI2DOS driver in the CONFIG.SYS file. Or, if that doesn't sound like your idea of a perfect Monday morning, Akai are creating operating systems for the current 3000XL series which will include the Windows drivers -- release date to be advised. Otherwise use Windows 3.1 if you can, or transfer via MIDI (if you've got a spare afternoon or two). Of course, this isn't a problem for Mac users.

pci cards that support windows 3.1
Adaptec SCSI Card 2904
Adaptec SCSI Card 2906

the 2906 may be the best one to get for someone who has both pcs + macs because its compatible
with both mac + pc

isa cards for windows 3.1

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Re: early 90s roland/akai SCSI support REMOVED on windows recycle v1.7
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 05:37:55 AM »
if u have a s2000/s3000 or mpc
with a scsi-3 pci card u will need one of these cables (scsi-3 to db25/scsi-1)