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m-audio profire 610 (2008?)
« on: May 01, 2015, 02:41:52 PM »
If ProTools is desired, Requires ProTools M-powered 8.0 or higher

Rugged, Affordable, and Portable - a "Do-all" FireWire Interface!
The M-Audio ProFire 610 is a potent FireWire interface. To start, you get a ton of I/O - 6-in/10-out - including two of M-Audio's renowned Octane microphone preamplifiers. The ProFire 610's eight TRS outputs and onboard DSP mixing technology allow you to create custom artist headphone mixes and route your audio to suit any set up. Dual headphone controls, an assignable master volume control, and standalone functionality add even more flexibility. Looking for a compact, "do-all" interface? Here it is: the M-Audio ProFire 610.

M-Audio ProFire 610 FireWire Audio Interface at a Glance:

    6x10 simultaneous analog/digital I/O
    Two premium Octane microphone preamplifiers
    Flexible onboard DSP mixer
    High-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio, JetPLL technology
    Assignable master volume control and dual headphone controls
    Rugged, portable, and operates standalone

6x10 simultaneous analog/digital I/O
The ProFire 610 from M-Audio delivers a wealth of I/O packed into its portable form factor. There are four analog inputs, eight analog outputs, and stereo digital S/PDIF, for a 6-in/10-out configuration. Two XLR/TS combo jacks are conveniently located on the front panel, for quickly patching in a microphone or hooking up a guitar. Then, there are two 1/4" TRS inputs on the rear for your line-level gear. Outputs come in the form of 1/4" TRS and there are eight outputs in all. What's more, there's even a built-in 1x1 MIDI interface on the M-Audio ProFire 610.

Two premium Octane microphone preamplifiers
Microphone preamplifiers are a huge factor in your sound. And fortunately, the ProFire 610 is loaded with two of M-Audio's premier Octane preamplifiers. They deliver clean sound with exceptionally low distortion and an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, so you know your audio sounds incredible going in. Each preamplifier also has a tremendous 73dB gain range, a 20dB pad, and 48V phantom power.

Flexible onboard DSP mixer
The ProFire 610 is designed to be your recording partner. Thanks to its onboard DSP mixer and flexible TRS outputs, you can create up to five unique stereo mixes to give each artist in the band his or her own headphone mix. In fact, you can source the mixes from any of the hardware inputs and software returns simultaneously - and it's all easy to do in the ProFire's interactive software control panel. Plus, you can save any of your setups, so you can return to them later - perfect for ongoing mobile recording applications, house of worship environments, and quickly recalling your own favorite settings for recording yourself.

High-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio, JetPLL technology
M-Audio went to great lengths to pick excellent components for the ProFire 610, including their AD/DA converters, to keep your signal as clean as possible. This technology is coupled with the acclaimed JetPLL jitter-reduction technology for extremely stable synchronization and low audio band jitter. Streaming to your computer via M-Audio's time-proven FireWire driver technology, the ProFire 610 also offers high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz performance.

Assignable master volume control and dual headphone controls
The M-Audio ProFire 610 is a great tool for anyone wanting the ultimate in control over their monitoring setup. You can assign the master volume knob to attenuate all output pairs simultaneously - perfect for controlling a 7.1 surround mix. Or, use it to control the levels sent to your main monitors, while keeping your headphone outputs independent. Just use the intuitive software control panel to set up whatever monitoring environment bests suits your needs. The ProFire 610 even has dual front-panel headphone outputs, each with its own level control, for monitoring convenience.

Rugged, portable, and operates standalone
With its flexible I/O and routing options, the M-Audio ProFire 610 is a great choice for virtually any recording need. Plus, it's all packed into a rugged, metal, half-rackspace chassis - perfect for mobile recording needs. What's more, the M-Audio ProFire 610 operates standalone, so you can use its premium preamplifiers without the need of a computer. Just power it up, connect your microphones or instruments, and the audio will route to analog outputs 1 and 2. You can also connect up digital devices via S/PDIF this way, for fast front-end preamplification and AD/DA conversion.

M-Audio ProFire 610 FireWire Audio Interface Features:

    Up to 24-bit/192kHz for high-definition audio
    Flexible onboard DSP mixer
    2 preamplifiers with award-winning M-Audio Octane technology with phantom power, 20dB pad on each preamplifier, signal/peak LED indicator lights
    6 inputs including: 2 XLR/TS combo jacks for microphones or instrument level inputs, 2 1/4" TRS balanced line inputs, Stereo S/PDIF
    10 outputs including: 8 1/4" TRS balanced line outs, stereo S/PDIF out
    2 1/4" TRS headphone outputs
    built-in 1 x 1 MIDI interface
    2 FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports
    JetPLL jitter elimination technology
    Standalone operation as 2 mic pre/2-channel AD/DA converter
    User-assignable master volume knob
    Powered via FireWire bus or external power supply
    Half-rack-space form factor fits in Universal Rack Tray
    Compatible with most major audio software

The ProFire 610 puts flexible I/O and routing in a half-rackspace, high-performance FireWire interface!
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