Author Topic: Acid Pro v3.0 (May 2001) requires win98se, winME, win2k + DirectX8 + IE5  (Read 2507 times)

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Acid Pro v3.0 (May 2001) requires windows 98 & DirectX8

may work on windows 95 with direct x 8 installed..

*this version does not feature rewire*

system requirements from the acid 3.0 pdf

ACID™ PRO 3.0 is an award-winning loop-based music creation tool that allows you to produce original, royalty-free music. Use ACID to create songs, remix tracks, develop music beds, score videos, and develop music for Web sites and Flash™ animations. This revolutionary tool is intuitive and easy to use. Work with hundreds of loops in multiple genres. Use unlimited tracks of audio. Import complete songs, even MP3s. And when you're done, publish your music to ACIDplanet.comSM. It even has built-in support for MIDI, video scoring, and can save to a number of audio and video file formats, including WAV, WMA, RM, AVI, and MP3.


Music creation made easy — With ACID, you can create original, royalty-free music in minutes. This revolutionary tool makes creating music a breeze. It's as simple as pick, paint, and play. Simply pick the loops you like, paint them on a track, play your results and enjoy the music.

Powerful features — Use as many loops as you like with unlimited tracks. The sky's the limit. Adjust the volume and panning for each track. Alter effects over time using volume and track envelopes. Apply fades and transitions. Create amazing drum fills. Combine music loops with existing songs. Even apply effects on tracks, busses or in assignable effects chains.

Amazing effects — ACID PRO includes 18 DirectX® Audio Plug-Ins from Sonic Foundry's XFX™ 1, XFX™ 2 and XFX™ 3*. This arsenal of effects includes Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Flange, Noise Gate, Reverb and more. ACID PRO also includes three EQs—Graphic, Parametric, and Paragraphic and supports third party DirectX Plug-Ins.

Hundreds of loops — ACID PRO includes a music content CD containing more than 600 music loops and dozens of projects from Sonic Foundry's Loops for ACID™ collection. This huge assortment will get you on your way to creating royalty-free music in minutes. Genres include: Dance, Hip-Hop, Techno, Industrial, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Orchestral and more.

An excellent value — ACID PRO includes more than $650 of free software, including Sonic Foundry's XFX 1, XFX 2 and XFX 3*, Sound Forge® XP Studio and Vegas® Audio LE**. Learn more about these products by clicking the links above.

Video scoring** — Create the perfect music bed. Score original music alongside your video to create the ultimate video production. With ACID's seamless ability to match pitch and tempo, scoring your video has never been easier.

MIDI and DLS Sound File Support — Combine MIDI files with your audio tracks in ACID. MIDI files can be played using external or internal MIDI sound sources, including DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Sound Files, through the DirectX Soft Synth. MIDI tracks time stretch perfectly to any tempo, and can be rendered with effects just like audio tracks!

Platform: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP