Author Topic: Windows XP (32bit) cannot access a disk partitioned with GPT  (Read 1965 times)

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just a reminder..
i just did this.. i formatted a drive with the EXFAT filesystem .. to be able to use it on both mac + pc.. and then i went to access it -- and it doesnt work because the partition was made as GPT.. so its only accessible by 64bit OS such as windows 7, or Vista 64bit, Snow Leopard and higher, etc

if you want to have an external drive accessible by both PC + MAC, new + old, u need to partition it under 2TB with MBR partition type, and use EXFAT filesystem! (or possibly even FAT32 and live with the 4gb per file size limitation!)

GPT partition type + Exfat Filesystem = unaccessible by winxp 32bit
MBR partition type + Exfat Filesystem = works

Exfat compatibility began its availability with Service Pack 2 i believe.. but it may work with the original XP, + SP1 aswell.. ive not tested those. its a download, the requirements state service pack 2 or 3 as a pre-req.

here is the link:

beware of AOEMI partition assistant app..
i used this to convert a GPT disk to MBR and while it did make the disk accessible on windows..
it also made the disk inaccesssible to a snow leopard mac with 10.6.7
so it does something screwey with the partition conversion