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Author Topic: What is ReWire?  (Read 2856 times)

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What is ReWire?
« on: August 21, 2014, 04:27:48 AM »

Introduction – What is ReWire?

The idea for ReWire was born when Propellerhead Software and Steinberg Soft- & Hardware realized that a surprisingly important link was missing in the current concept of the software based music studio. Think about it; in order to connect a synthesizer to a mixer or recorder, you use a simple audio cable. How do you do the same in a software environment? The simple answer is: You can’t. Or at least, you couldn’t. With ReWire you can!

The ReWire Components
Generally, ReWire is a technology for transferring audio data between software applications – in real time - the software equivalent of a multi-channel audio cable. But it doesn’t end there. ReWire is built on three cornerstones:

    - Realtime audio streaming between applications.
    - Sample accurate synchronization
    - Common transport functionality

The Functionality
A typical application supplying audio via ReWire would be a software synthesizer or a multimedia authoring application with audio output. Examples of an application receiving audio would be a software audio mixer, processor or recorder. The first two applications to implement ReWire were Propellerhead Software's ReBirth RB-338 and Steinberg Soft- & Hardware's Cubase VST. The ReWire enabled versions of these programs shipped in June 1998, and are hence used successfully in thousands of systems all over the world.

Audio Streaming
ReWire allows up to 64 channels of real-time audio to be transferred from one application to another. In the case of ReBirth and Cubase this allows you to separate practically all ReBirth instruments in VST. You can hence process instruments individually with effects, filters etc.

The audio in ReWire is of extremely high quality. The system can handle practically any sample rate and floating-point arithmetics provide extremely high bit resolution.

Sample Accurate Synchronization
ReWire handles all synchronization issues between the devices. Once the applications have detected each other (which happens automatically) they are in complete, sample accurate, glitch free sync. There are no settings to make and no parameters to worry about.

Common Transport Functionality
ReWire also provides common transport functionality for all ReWire applications in the system. This means that you can Play, Stop, Rewind etc. in any of the applications and they will all locate to the same position. Instantly and correctly. Again, there are no settings to worry about – it just works!

ReWire is Free Technology!
ReWire is a piece of technology that Propellerhead Software provides free of charge to software manufacturers all over the world. This is done in the faith that what is good for the industry as a whole is good for us as well.

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