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Author Topic: Cubase VST 3.7 for Windows (Aug 1999) first daw to support VST instruments on pc  (Read 3995 times)

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original cd installer :
REQUIRES hardware KEY!,1868980109.rar%28archive%29

article on how to install this version on windows NT based OS (such as windows 2000 or windows XP)

For many people, the most interesting new feature in Cubase 3.7 will be VST Instruments. The new VST 2.0 specification allows plug-ins to receive MIDI data, which lets you automate effects via MIDI commands. However, before you rush off to try it, I must point out that only plug-ins written with VST 2.0 in mind will do this -- existing ones won't magically gain these functions.

some vst plugins are not showing up? how to fix?
Run regedit (c:\windows\regedit.exe) and delete the tree 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Steinberg\VSTPlugins'. That's it - no need to uninstall, reboot, or anything else. The next time Cubase is run this tree will be rebuilt and all the plugins should be visible.

Is Cubase 3.7 compatible with Windows XP?
Steinberg FAQS claim that 3.71 will work under Win2k.
XP and Win2k are both based on NT, so both should work.
If you have 3.71 you can get a free upgrade to 3.72 from Steingberg's ftp site.

my rewire channels from reason, live, or FLStudio are not showing up? Why?
at the time of cubase vst 3.7 for pc's release, (Aug 1999) reason or live had not even been released..
the only thing that cubase vst 3.7 can rewire with properly is Propellerhead's "ReBirth"
which preceded reason by a few years, and gave "birth" to ReWire technology to begin with.
so your only option for rewire in cubase vst 3.7 on pc is to use it with rebirth.


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