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Author Topic: yamaha sy / tg series overview  (Read 4264 times)

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yamaha sy / tg series overview
« on: December 17, 2015, 10:38:13 PM »
from the source:

SY-22Little Vector Synthesizer with samples and preset FM-waveforms
TG-33Module version of SY-22 but with double polyphony
SY-35Vector Synthesizer. 61 keys, AWM + FM, New version of SY-22, I think new waveforms
SY-55Synth with samples, resonant filters and reverb and a simple sequencer.
TG-55Module of SY-55, lacks the sequencer (who needs it ?)
SY-77Workstation with improved 6-operator FM synthesis, ROM samples and resonant-filters, multieffects and floppy. No Sample RAM.
TG-77Module of SY-77, with new presets. FM and sampling, 16 Timbres, 32 simultaneous Voices. Unfortunately, no sequencer and no floppy disk drive.

The TG-77 display is identical with the SY-99 display, but the button section on the TG is different from the SYs.
SY-8561 key workstation with the same AWM2 samples/waveforms as the SY-99, Waveform ROM is stored in 6mb (SY99: 8mb). The TG-500 has 2mb more, with a better piano multisample. SY-85 has no FM (!), reads samples into 512K built-in Sample RAM, expandable using SY-EMB06 memory modules.
TG-100budget module
TG-500Module of the SY-85 with double AWM2 polyphony (2x32 = 64 sim. Voices), more samples (8M) and static-ram to read samples. 384 Presets with 252 Voices, 4 Drum Voices. 192 RAM Posisitions for 126 User Voices, 2 User Drum Voices, 64 User Performances and 16 User Multis. 24x2 Character LCD Display with background light, Stereo Left/Right Output and 4 Single Outputs. 2 Voice Data Card Slots and 2 Wave Card Slots.

Digital Filters of SY-77 and SY-99 with 90 Effects (2 DSP Circuits)

Weight is 4,4 kg, Size is 440 x 350 x 45 mm.

Expansions: MCD64 and/or 512K SY-EMB06
SY-99Here we go: Improved SY-77, more keys (76), more samples, reads samples through Midi and more.

Unlike the SY-77, the SY 99 can hold extra sample RAM, samples can be used as input to AFM elements (RCM), and last but not least the SY-99 fx section accepts realtime controls, whereas the SY-77 doesn't.

The FM section is the same. AWM edit parameters are the same too . The SY99 has 8mb of waveform rom . the SY-77 / TG-77 has only 4mb. The SY99 has much improved Digital to analog converters and bigger and bettter FX section.

The TG-77does not have the disk drive and sequencer that are on the keyboard version. Therefore, there is no possibility for pattern based tracks (like on the SY85), and hence, conrtoller data can not be recorded as part of a pattern.

The filters on the TG-77 compared to other filters, particularly to those on the SY-85 are believed to be the same. Not sure though. The TG-77 filters are OK, specially for considering when they were made. You can get some cool effects with them, but they are a far cry from some of the newest digital filters, say the JV-1080 or the new E-Mu Orbit. The 85/500 filters sound a bit better, and added and dropped some features (+notch, - separate filter control).
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