Author Topic: Syntechno Teebee (1997) tb303 emulation  (Read 1507 times)

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Syntechno Teebee (1997) tb303 emulation
« on: December 20, 2015, 11:02:03 PM »
The TeeBee has a lot going for it. Primarily it's the multiple CV/Gate outputs and the Sync24 converter that you won't find on any synth on the market. Meanwhile, the Ring oscillator certainly adds a sound that i haven't encountered in any other recent synth. What's more, the inherent tone of the TeeBee is actually darn good - there's real character to the filter, and i probably prefer it to the other monosynths of the moment that i've demo'd. You might think that all this in itself would be enough to sell the TeeBee in numbers. For less money, the TeeBee is up against the appreciable more flexible Waldorf Pulse, and the Super Bassstation offering. I wager that if you're going to buy Syntecno's TeeBee it will be on the strength of it's TB303 emulation, and if that's the case it's money well spent. The word is gradually getting out that, with Syntecno's attention to the TB303's quirks (zero decay on the accents, and authentic glide treatment), the TeeBee is possible the most realistic 303 emulation around, and that's still probably enough to make it sell by the crateload. My only advice is to try is yourself, and then (as the annoying git on Blind Date would say) the choice is yours.