Author Topic: List of Wavetable capable soundcards + boards  (Read 1479 times)

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List of Wavetable capable soundcards + boards
« on: December 21, 2015, 12:49:25 AM »

Dreamblaster S1
Dreamblaster X1
Aztech CS9233
Creative WaveBlaster (CT1900)
Creative WaveBlaster II (CT1910)
Diamond Multimedia Monster MIDI Rev B/Rev C (4MB version)
Gallant GMW-1000
Hizon DB333 (Formosa 16bit AudioStar Wave)
IBM S-W1/C (KD020102 & KD020103)
Korg Ai20 (AKA Trust Korg Super Sound Module / Guillemot Korg Wave Upgrade)
Orchid Wave Booster 4FX
Pine PT-2030 Vivaldi Xtra Wavetable Daughterboard
Roland SCB-55
Shuttle HOT-243Y
Terratec MiniWaveSystem (SOWT-11 Ver1.0)
Terratec MiniWaveSystem (SY/TTWT-11M V1.0)
Terratec MiniWaveSystem (WT64 V1.0)
Terratec WaveSystem Professional (SOWT-24)
Terratec WaveSystem SCW001-2 (MPB-000004) (Formosa OEM)
Terratec Wave XTable
Turtle Beach CancunFX
Turtle Beach Kurzweil HOMAC
Turtle Beach Rio Rev 3.0
X Technology TopWave 32 (XTOP-005)
Yamaha DB50XG
Yamaha DB51XG