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Opcode MusicShop 2.0 (Oct 1996)
« on: December 21, 2015, 11:32:39 AM »
For use with Windows 3.1/95 or Mac OS 7 in combination with a dual port midi interface (2 output ports) and MIDI hardware instruments

musicshop 2.0 press release:

Opcode's Musicshop 2.0 the successor to EZ Vision with 32 midi tracks (instead of 16) and a Notation editor added. It's Midi only and comes with OMS 2.3.1. Serial number included.


Musicshop brings your musical ideas to life with unprecedented ease of use and power. Musicshop 2.0 features 32 instrument tracks, punch in-out recording, automated mixdowns, notation or piano roll viewing and familiar tape deck style controls. Play it in, play it back, print it out!   [Windows Logo Image]   [Mac Logo Image]
Easy to Use Notation
Record, view and edit your work in standard music notation. You can change key, meter, or time signature with a press of the mouse. Adjust the way you see and hear your music by quantizing all or part of your sequence--automatically fix your mistakes.    [Partial Notation Window Image]
[Small Graphic Editing Window Image]   Graphic Editing with Strip Chart
See the patterns in your music and get a different perspective of your performance. When notation isn't enough, the Graphic Window simplifies your music into easily readable colored bars. Even if you can't read music you can still follow along and edit your performance. Adjust and edit different parts of your music using the Strip Chart. Change pitch bend, volume, and note duration by drawing with the mouse.

Drag-and-Drop Editing
Musicshop provides full drag-and-drop editing capabilities. In the Graphic Editing window simply grab any MIDI note to lengthen its duration, change its start time, or pitch. Hold the Alt key (Option in Macintosh) and you can automatically make a copy of the original item. Move the copy into any position without affecting the original note. Editing couldn't be easier!

Help Menu
Have a question? Complete interactive help is only a click away. The Help window features Keyword searches, cross referenced topics, hypertext links, clickable graphics and even links into Opcode's Web site (Windows version only). Also includes a glossary, index, bookmarks, post-it like notes and more.   [Help Box Image]
 [Partial Mixer Image]   Mixing Console
Automate your mixes with Musicshop's 32-track mixing console and watch your faders move. You can group multiple faders together for easy global adjustments. Edit each track's volume, pan, mute and solo right in the same window. Take control of your mix quickly and easily.
Print Preview
See how your score will look before you print it. Add titles, comments, credits and copyright text all in the Print Preview window. You get complete control over bar numbers, page numbers, bars per line, systems per page, spacing and indentation. After you edit the page, print it out--what you see is what you get!

 [Partial Print Preview Image]

System Requirements

Power Mac: System 7.5 or better, 16 mb RAM
680x0 Mac: System 7.1 or better, 8 mb RAM

[Trumpet Image]
Windows 3.1: 486/66 or better, 8mb RAM, Soundblaster compatible card optional
Windows 95: Pentium, 12mb RAM, Soundblaster compatible card optional