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my original midi device list (compiled september 2013)
« on: September 02, 2014, 07:53:05 PM »
hello there
im trying to compile a master list of audio/midi interfaces & controllers supported by os9
this seems to be a vague thing and is somewhat faded into vagueness + obscurity by time.. and the  instantly adopted standard of osx + discardedness of os9..
articles of interest pertaining to midi / sequencing / creation
opcode manual oms
use protools 5 + reason in os9
geethree  stealth serial port for g3/g4/g5 serial midi
The Stealth Serial Port provides a serial port for Macintosh systems that lack a built-in serial port. G4 AGP, B&W G3 and iMac (Rev. A-D) + G5s (new)

keyboards/midi/surface controllers
terrratec midimaster usb

evolution uc33-e (a notable great controller for use with ableton live in os9 as it features its controls mapped out similar to the session view with 1 fader + 3 rotaries per vertical "track" but of course you are free to assign whichever control to whichever element within ableton)

evolution x-session
evolution UC-16
evolution x-session uc-17

evolution mk-449c
evolution  mk-461c
evolution  mk-425c
evolution mk-361c
evolution mk-361
evolution mk-249/mk-249c
evolution mk-225c

doepfer pocket control

Philip Rees C16$T2eC16V,!zQE9s3ssVp!BRj-1zMnlg~~60_35.JPG

miditech controller

EMAGIC EMI 2|6 (no midi)

Emagic EMI 6|2m (MIDI is only available under Mac OS X and Windows XP)
USB Audio & MIDI Interface For Mac & PC

tascam US-122 (os9 driver download link was broken - now fixed!!!!)
driver download:

tascam us-224
driver download:

tascam us-428 (usb/audio interface + control surface /w transport controls)
features 4 simultaneous inputs, 2 simultaneous outputs, 8 faders for control,
2 of the 4 inputs are mic pres, 2 are switchable from line/instrument level or
 toggled to be digital inputs (instead of / not concurrently)
driver download:

edirol um-1s

edirol da-2496

edirol ua-101
edirol ua-100g
edirol ua-1ex (no midi)]
edirol ua-3FX
edirol ua-5
edirol ua-700
edirol fa-101 (possibly one of the last interfaces to have mac os 9 driver support developed + added after 2005, bless you edirol/roland japan!)
Roland ED PC-300

edirol pc-50

(it seems the edirol PCR Mseries was a revise of the original PCR series from 2007 and miraculously they developed os9 drivers.. probably the last ever midi controllers to feature drivers for mac os 9 from a proper manufacturer and not custom driver hacks)

edirol PCR-1

edirol pcr-m1

edirol pcr-30

edirol pcr-a30

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-50

edirol pcr-m50

edirol pcr-80

edirol pcr-m80

edirol pcr-m30

edirol pcr-m50

m-audio RADIUM61 - 8 sliders, 8 knobs, 5 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal
m-audio RADIUM49 - 8 sliders, 8 knobs, 4 octaves, data slider midi in/out sustan pedal
m-audio OZONE - midi/audio interface, 2 octaves, 8 knobs, 2x2 24bit audio 96khz, XLRx1, 1/4" TSx1, headphone out
m-audio OXYGEN8
m-audio KEYSTATION PRO 88,85/keystation_pro_88-97757ae222d0999afe84f696fb355f73.jpg
m-audio KEYSTATION 49E
m-audio EKEYS 49
m-audio EKEYS

midi interfaces (usb/serial/otherwise)
aletch midiface lx
midiman macman (mac serial)
midiman mini macman
Midiman Mac Syncman
(2 MIDI IN, 4 MIDI OUT, serial modem in/out, serial printer in/out, SMPTE TAPE in/out)]

midiman midisport uno (usb) (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

m-audio/midiman midisport 1x1  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman midisport 2x2  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)
steinberg usb-2-midi (apparently a midisport 2x2 clone)

BiPort 2x4s mac/pc MIDI interface w/ SMPTE]

midiman midisport 2x4  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision),85/usbmidisport2x4-97bb6be17b6110f193fd83d228982dd8.jpg

m-audio midisport 4x4  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman midisport 8x8  (not all midisports are compatible u want the first revision)

midiman/m-audio digipatch - features midi + audio connections but not for use in the traditional sense..
nevertheless features os9 drivers aswell
further description:
Midiman. Midiman’s DigiPatch 12 x 6 was one of the first digital audio routers to appear at a personal-studio price point. (MFSRP $499) The DigiPatch features 12 inputs—six each of S/PDIF coax and optical—and six output channels, each of which can be directed to S/PDIF coax or optical connections. The unit’s 50 presets can be recalled from the front panel or through MIDI. You can also use MIDI to configure the DigiPatch from a Macintosh or Windows computer and to load and dump the unit’s contents through System Exclusive messages

roland um-1 (usb)
roland um-2 (usb)
roland um-2ex
roland um-4 (usb)
roland super mpu64 (usb)
roland um-880 (usb)]

emagic unitor8]
emagic amt8 (usb / mac rs422 serial / pc rs232 serial)]
emagic mt4]
motu fastlane]
motu midi express]
Steinberg Midex 8]

digidesign midi i/o (8x8 interface)

OPCODE Studio 4 8x8 MIDI Interface w/SMPTE I/O
opcode Studio 3
opcode Studio 4
opcode Studio 5
Opcode 64X]
Opcode 128X]
opcode DATport]
opcode SONICport
opcode MIDIport
opcode STUDIOport

motu 828 (no midi audio only)]

motu 828mk2]]

motu 2408 (audio only)]]

motu 2408 mk2 (audio only)]

m-audio firewire 1814]

m-audio firewire 410]]

m-audio firewire solo

m-audio firewire 410,85/fw410-front-back-9a1c45ab5082e885d6be51a594bf771d.jpg]

m-audio audiophile usb]

delta audiophile 2496]

delta 410 (audio only no midi)
delta 44 (audio only no midi)
delta 66 (audio only no midi)
delta 1010
delta 1010LT

m-audio midiman quattro usb has os9 drivers + midi + its possible to connect to the omni io interface (for extended functionality such as direct outs/inserts etc)
requires power supply not bus powered]

omnistudio usb (pretty rare but has os9 drivers + midi in/out)]

RME hammerfall DSP 9652
RME cardbus]
RME Digiface
RME Multiface

digidesign digi-001]

audiomedia III]

JL Cooper cs-10]

JL Cooper cs-32 minidesk]]

Peavey pc-1600]

Mackie HUI]

Penny & Giles mm16

cubase SX SL supported controllers:(researching os9 compatibility)
cm motormix
jl cooper cs-10
jl cooper mcs-3000
mackie baby hui
mackie control
mackie hui
radikal sac-2k
roland mcr8
steinberg houston
tascam dm-24

yamaha 01v
yamaha 01x
yamaha 02r96v2
yamaha dm2000v2
yamaha dm2000

Cm labs motormix2

roland si-24

Steinberg Houston

Peavey Cakewalk StudioMix

Edirol ur-80

radikal technologies sac 2.2

os9 controllers on ebay RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

if u have any information to add to this please pm me or just post below + i will update;)
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