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TDK Music Card (1996) E-Mu 8000 DSP
« on: August 04, 2016, 05:10:42 PM »

 Easy to enjoy full-fledged DTM (desktop music) is a notebook personal computer.
 To the well-established US E-mu Co. EMU8000DSP a equipped with sound source built-in PC card as a professional for the synthesizer has been bundled with high-function music software.

 MIDI input and output, audio LINE input and output, because MABOX equipped with a digital output connector (multi-access box) comes with, digital recording to the connection or DAT with the MIDI instrument you can easily.

 For the US E-mu Co. user sound font (or later Ver.2.0) equipped with 512KB of DRAM, it can also be used as a sampler.

 In CD-quality sound, you can pitch, cutoff frequency, attenuation of the variable for each tone.

Software operating environment

Windows 95, Windows 3. 1-time environment hard disk to the full installation of the Japanese version to work, must have free space of more than 9MB
In the case of Windows 95
CPU: i486 DX2 50MHz or more (or more recommended Pentium)
Memory: RAM 12MB or more (or more recommended 16MB)
In the case of Windows 3.1
CPU: i486 SX33MHz or more (or more recommended DX2 50MHz)
Memory: RAM 8MB or more (or more recommended 12MB)
(In the case of the NEC PC-98 series MS-DOS Ver.5.0AH more)