Author Topic: windows 98 E-mu APS drivers hacked to work on SB Live! Cards!  (Read 2560 times)

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windows 98 E-mu APS drivers hacked to work on SB Live! Cards!
« on: August 25, 2016, 01:08:38 PM »

Although not as "pro" as the ones listed, the E-MU Audio Production Studio (APS) deserves some mention. It uses the EMU10K1 processor, which is also used on consumer SoundBlaster Live sound cards. The Windows 98-only E-mu APS (Audio Production Suite) drivers got hacked to run on SB Live cards, so SB Live owners got pro features like ASIO and on-board effects.

A third party driver was eventually developed. This driver allows you to do arbitrary routing or edit/make your own effects that runs on the on-board DSP, something you won't find in most (all?) audio interfaces.

Here you can find how to modify SB Live! sound cards for use with APS drivers
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (japanese language?) english!

EMU APS, both the Creative SoundBlaster Live! Is equipped with the same EMU 10K1 chip. As a result of the analysis by the dilettante around the world, nearly all of the functionality of the APS was found to be usable even Live!. Benefits of Live! A to APS of is something like the following.

APS of DSP effects can be used all (Live! More powerful).
You can select the ASIO driver in Cubase VST. Latency is about 30ms (48KHz; if you're lucky).
Live! A and insert two, as APSx2 can be used
Cheaper than the APS
In addition, the Live! Hardware add the work that, APS equivalent of 4 analog input, can be 8 analog output.
It should be noted that, in the Live! Each one system to the S / P-DIF input internal infrastructure and external (digital IN) (digital CD IN) of, together with input 4ch.
Just replace the driver, by switching to either APS or Live! Of which can be used. The driver of the exchange can be performed at any time easily.
Notes at the time of APS of is something like the following.
It requires considerable work to 8 Paraauto of. It will take also parts fee. Not very realistic. (Let's use as it is without modification).
Since Live! Has a low S / N ratio of the D / A stage than APS, analog-out can not be used virtually. Gil to put from the digital out to an external digital mixer. On the other hand, S / N of the time of analog recording A / D stage (LINE IN) is about 80dB good enough.
APS / Live! Precautions are like the following.
S / P-DIF terminal, with 44.1 / 48KHz, 1: 1 digital input / output can not be. It can not be used in such a complete digital copy of the CD / DA.
Because the internal 48KHz processing, nearly impossible for use in 44.1KHz. After the sound is distorted in 44.1KHz rate in the Cubase VST is reduced to. Cause is due to the low performance of the built-in sampling rate converter (details are unconfirmed).
Also, there is a problem with the performance of the built-in digital mixer (details are unconfirmed).
Therefore, it is not suitable for recording and editing music. Best to use as a low-cost, high-performance sampler.
Please refer to the following link for more information.
APS of information Part 1
No. 2
Live! Information bulletin board
Information Site
2.SoundBlaster Live! About

It will introduce a small topic.
APS2.0 driver, are rumors about APS so use formally alone Not Live! System ...
In 2000, after the summer, Live! Is model change, we flow to become ... a rumor that those that can not APS Kako work
In Live! Of SoundFont read removal of the 32MB limit , but is that of a ...!?