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Alesis Studio12R (199?)
« on: August 26, 2016, 02:39:48 AM »

Versatile, High Quality Mixing Console in a Compact Rackmount Package
The Studio 12R™ is a 12-channel, rack-mountable mixing console that offers eight ultra-high-quality microphone preamps, balanced XLR inputs, phantom power and 60mm faders on each channel. These factors make the Studio 12R equally valuable as a tool for home/project studio recording as it is for instrument line mixing, remote broadcast applications and permanent installation in live sound venues. Its eight hybrid/discrete mic preamps provide excellent sonic quality and low noise while offering more than enough output level to take full advantage of the wide dynamic range found on ADAT recorders. The Studio 12R's XLR inputs and 48V phantom power let you interface it with any of the world's finest condenser microphones.

Two bands of shelving EQ at 12kHz and 80Hz allow for tonal adjustment, and two aux send controls (one pre-fader and one post-fader) for using monitor returns or setting up the routing scheme for your effects processing. The Studio 12R also provides individual insert points on each channel, allowing you to record up to eight tracks while simultaneously outputting a stereo mix for a PA system. Since we designed the Studio 12R as a real rack-mount mixer, all the audio connections are located on the rear panel, except for a convenient headphone jack in front. Audio connections include line-in connectors, channel inserts, main outputs and aux sends and returns on 1/4" jacks, XLR inputs for each mic preamp, and tape inputs and outputs on phono plug connectors. Look no further for high-quality, affordable mixing and preamplification: the Studio 12R is here