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Author Topic: DTMP by Roland/Edirol  (Read 1183 times)

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DTMP by Roland/Edirol
« on: November 14, 2016, 04:47:22 PM »

Desk Top Media Production (DTMP) systems are specially designed software and hardware bundles that transform a multimedia computer into a full powered music workstation.  With DTMP, you can create & edit music for many applications such as music composition, video, multimedia, karaoke, dance, education, background music, and more.

In this age of computer technology we have come to expect a limited amount of "multimedia" capabilities from our computers. In fact, most of us expect a computer to come direct from the manufacturer loaded with full audio support, built-in speakers, a MIDI synth onboard, and the ability to view full-motion video. These features, which amazed us just a few years ago, are now standard peripherals. This is allowing software developers and artists to distribute their products to a wide range of computer users, knowing that these customers have the minimum requirements to view or hear their work.

At Edirol we go beyond "multimedia". We realize that you, our customers, require more from your computers than stock "multimedia" packages provide. You are the artists and developers. You need a compact system that provides the tools to single-handedly create your masterpieces from your home or studio. You need hardware that incorporates the newest technologies available. You need fully professional quality audio and video products that work together seamlessly to form a complete system that works for your specific needs. This is the concept of Desk Top Media Production. Complete systems capable of producing the highest quality media output, right from your desktop. Whether you are just learning music or composing symphony scores, a home video enthusiast or a professional videographer, we have a Desk Top Media Production system that will meet your needs.      Edirol DTMP MIDI products provide your system with Roland's high-quality instrument sounds, drum kits and sound effects, and with the precise control and reliability from controllers you need to compose, perform or learn music. The Roland Sound Canvas will be your personal backup band and the PC-series keyboards your master controls.

Our DTMP Audio products will give you professional quality audio input and output from your computer, crystal clear audio free of "computer noise". Record your vocals, guitars, and audio samples at CD quality, and modify and mix them all within the "digital domain". From our complete line of microphones and speakers, to our new UA-100 AudioCanvas digital recording and effects system, we carry everything you need to cut your own CD right from your desktop. If you are creating videos for personal or professional purposes, Edirol's DTMP Video products give you the tools for real-time video production, special effects and digital post-production audio editing. All of our products beat all current digital video (DV) quality standards, assuring the highest quality video output, now and in the future.

Finally, compatible DTMP software and MIDI files, created by the industries top DTMP companies, provide the creative tools and control to integrate your system. From educational software, to professional multi-track audio recording programs we carry the software to fit your personal needs and working style. Ready to build your own studio? Give us a call today. We will help you design the DTMP system of your future.

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