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Sample Pro for windows 3.1 (1996)
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:34:07 PM »

The Ultimate Digital Sample Editor and Audio File Format Converter for Windows

ReSample allows you to use samples from any source and in almost any format, with its powerful ability to convert between many formats you will never be stuck for a source of samples for your favourite Sampler. With its support for virtually all popular sampler formats, ReSample is a vital tool for any sampler user.

No more wasted time in front of tiny panel displays, passing countless hours plodding through pages of sample information just to accomplish simple tasks.

With ReSample, the sample information is displayed in dazzling graphics making even the most complex editing task a few mouse clicks away.

Sample Formats Supported

AIFF (Amiga Interchange) read and write
AKAI S1000 read and write
AKAI S2800 read
AKAI S3000 read
AU (SUN/NEXT/UNIX) read and write
AVR (Microdeal Replay 16) read and write
KRZ (Kurzweil K2000) read and write
MOD (11 formats) read
PAT (Gravis UltraSound) read and write
RAW (Raw data no-header) read and write
S550 (Roland Sample Dump) read
SAM (Atari/Amiga) read and write
SBK (SoundBlaster/EMU) read and write
SDS (MIDI Sample DUmp) read and write
SDX (Sample Dump Exchange) read and write
SMP (SampleVision) read and write
SND (DEC/SUN/UNIX) read and write (sound tools)
8SVX(Atari/Amiga) read and write
SY85 (Yamaha "Wave Disk") read and write
TX16W ( "Wave Disk") Universal read and write
VOC (SoundBlaster) read, write type 9 ( new format)
WAV (Windows) read and write
EFE and EFA (Ensoniq) Read and Write
Univeral reader.

Intuitive graphical interface
Extensive on line help
Reads a number of native sampler disk formats (e.g. Akai)
File conversion between supported formats
Sample rate conversion, sample rate override, crossfade looper and envelope shaping
Sample transfer to samplers (by Sample Dump to any sampler)
Cut, copy, crop, mute insert silence, delete, reverse, paste over, insert paste, merge paste, crossfade and append editing
Automatic loop finder, simplifies the task of searching for good loop points.
Zoom in to single sample resolution, Zoom out function
Audition whole or part of waveform through any 16 bit Windows sound card
Batch Conversion
ReSample Requires
IBM PC 386/486/pentium
Hard disk, 3.5" floppy, Windows, 3.1x. At least 4Mb more recommended
Windows compatible 16 Bit Sound Card to play sample back MIDI interface (if sample dump required) although most soundcards now have a MIDI interface as standard, an optional cable may be necessary