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quickscore elite (1996?)
« on: November 14, 2016, 06:41:03 PM »

QuickScore Elite Version 5.0

Powerful yet affordable music composition
and sequencing with great printed output.

" of the best MIDI software values on the market. MIDI novices and serious musicians on a budget will be equally attracted to Quickscores impressive array of features and - Electronic Musician Magazine.

"Quickscore blows the notion that music notation software has to be expensive and complicated right out of the water. ... you'll get more than your money's worth with Quickscore."
- Piano & Keyboard

"Electronic Musician 1995 editors' Choice"

Software for composers who think work should be easy ...

Look good on paper, create notation that doesn't start and end with notes and lyrics. You've got text, lyrics, grace notes, drum notation, guitar chords, engraver spacing, multiple voices, hundreds of symbols, flexible
QuickScore Elite has features that go beyond other sequencers like letting you proof your tracks for notes out of the range of the instruments for which you're writing.

Play using any Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface. Sync to tape with your choice of SMPTE/MTC or MIDI Clock. Share MIDI files with all your favorite music programs.

Go faster right from the start with one of QuickScore Elite's score templates. QuickScore Elite's fast and easy note entry and integrated, intuitive environment will keep you writing music, without technology getting
Record whole tracks or fragments of tracks in real time, step time or while tapping your own beat. Mix volume, pan and other controllers in real time. Throw in .WAV digital audio files. Slice and Dice.

Look at your music from all angles. You've got score, piano roll, controller, event list and song views. Edit using the most comprehensive set of tools going, including intelligent filters that understand the data you are looking at.

Whenever you need it, the most extensive help in the industry is never more than a mouse click away.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 95,
4 MB of RAM (8MB with Windows 95),
4 MB hard disk space,
Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface.
Includes all of these features and more!

16 track/Staves
Real-time/Step-time Recording
Punch In/Out
Loop Editing
Scrolling Playback
Tap Tempo from MIDI Keyboard
Play Standard .WAV Files
Input and Controller Filters for Real Time Recording
Adjust Enharmonic Note Spelling
Transpose Chromatically or in the Key
Symbols Include: Groupings, Fingerings, Articulations, Slurs, Repeats, Crescendos, Decresendos, Dynamics, Plus Line and Box Drawing
Includes all Standard Clefs as well as Percussion
High Quality Print Out on all Windows Supported Printers.
And Much Much More!