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list of win3.1 apps for communicating with MIDI Modules + synths
« on: November 25, 2016, 11:58:56 AM »

   AKAIdisk 2.2   Lets your PC read and write Akai sampler floppy disks
Alesis DM5 Editor   Editor/GUI for the Alesis DM5 drum module
Audition V1.50   MIDI Sequencer for GM, Roland GS, Yamaha XG
CanvasMan16 7.01   GS / Sound Canvas Editor/Librarian
CS1x-Edit v1.22   Editor for Yamaha CS1x
D-10 CONTROL for Windows   Patch editor for Roland D-10/compatible synthesizers
D4man for Windows Ver 1.13   Windows Editor for Alesis D4 Drum Module
DM5 for Windows   Windows Editor for Alesis DM5 Drum Module
DW-8000   Editor/librarian for the Korg DW-8000 synthesizer
GR30EDIT   Editor for the Roland GR-30 Guitar Synthesizer
K11-Edit V2.0   Editor for the KAWAI K11/GMega music synthesizers
K2000/2500 Remote Controller(Edit)   K2000/2500 RemoteController, Edit
K4.EXE   Kawai K4 synthesizer patch editor
K4Win   Editor/Librarian for Kawai K4 synth
Korg Bank   Changes multi-banks on Korg modules
KS editor   Sound editor/sysex utility for the Ensoniq KS32 synth
LIB220   Librarian/editor for the Roland U220 sound module
MIDI Editor   Universal MIDI editor
Midilang 1.7   Live effect processor for midi keyboard & file
MIMA Midi Masterkeyboard Controller   MIDI Masterkeyboard Controller Software
Quadraverb Patcher   Quadraverb Editor for Win31/Win95
SoundLib   Windows synthesizer librarian with database features
Sweet Little Piano   Your computer keyboard becomes a piano keyboard
SyMa   Synth Manager for Yamaha TX81Z and Casio MT-260
Sysex Helper   A sysex send utility for Win3.x/Win95 and Roland D-70
Trinitro   Korg Trinity Librarian & sequencer config   SYSEX Decoder for Roland Sound Canvas modules
VFXLIB   A librarian for the Ensoniq VFX synth familly.
WBMan   Waveblaster Editor/Librarian
Windows Synthesizer Librarian   Supports 17+ synths
New   WinJV/WinXP 1.52   PC Editors for the Roland 6A synth-series (JV-1080/2080, XP-50/60/80)
WMW30   MIDI Monitor, Sysex, Arpeggiator, D110 Editor
Xedit   Editor/librarian for Korg 05R/W, X2, X3, X3/R, X5, X5D, X5D/R
Yamaha 4-Op Editor   Editor for DX11/TX81Z/DX100/etc


   Amadeus 2.0   Utility to grab WAVs from a sampler over MIDI
CanvasMan32 2.13   GS / Sound Canvas Editor/Librarian
ccMouse v.1.1.1   Virtual MIDI controller. Includes adjustable virtual pads for CC's
ChangeIt!   An editor and librarian for the Roland JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-50 and XP-80
CS1x-Edit V1.23a   Editor for Yamaha CS1x
DM5 Drum Module GUI   Control the DM5 from your PC
E-500   Demo midies of Roland E-500 specific MSA styles
Epsilon 2.2   Wavesample editor for Ensoniq EPS 16+ / ASR-10
Everest Patch Editor   Patch editor for Turtle Beach Pinnacle and AVM Apex MA-1 Synthesizer
gsp   Control Panel for Roland GS and GM MIDI devices
Hardware Parametric Audio Filter   Schematics to build hardware parametric audio filter
K2000/2500 Remote Controller(Edit)   K2000/2500 RemoteController, Edit
M1LibEd   Korg M1 - M1R Editor and Librarian
M3RLibEd 3.12   Korg M3R synth Librarian / Editor
MIDI Control Panel   Sends MIDI Continuous Controller messages
MIDI Jukebox 95 - 2.60   MIDI Player/Patch generator
MidiFitz 2.1   Real-time Rhythm Section Accompaniment for Keyboard Players
MIDIG   Software Wavetable Synthesizer
MIDIG for DOS   Software Wavetable Synthesizer
OrbEdit   Patch editor for the E-mu Orbit family of sound modules
OSC-1   Analog-synth like toy for Roland 6A Model synths
New   Patcher   Patcher sends program change commands to MIDI devices
qClick 1.0.0   Program editor for the Alesis QuadraVerb 2 multieffects processor
QSEdit   Edit (and enhance...) the sounds of DB50XG or SW60 beyond what seemed possible...
SC-7 Playback Panel   Control aspects of the Roland SC-7 MIDI module's playback
sfArk SoundFont Compression   Lossless data compression for SoundFont files
SMDIhvm 2.0   Multiple sample transfer for SMDI compatible samplers
SoundXP   Analog-Style Patch Editor for Roland Sound Expansion Series
SysEx Solution 97   MIDI SysEx store / librarian / Korg M1 editor
SyxLibEd   SyxLibEd is a Sysex files manager and database that allows you to archive patches of any MIDI device that supports system exclusive.
TD7 Edit   Edit and manage patches of the Roland TD7 percussion/trigger module.
Virtual Orchestra   Virtual Orchestra program for keyboarders
VMix95   Mixing automation using off the shelf midi hardware
WinJV/WinXP 1.52   PC Editors for the Roland 6A synth-series (JV-1080/2080, XP-50/60/80)
XG/GS SYSEX 4.31   XG/GS SYSEX Decoder & MIDI Patch Librarian. DEMO
XG-Gold   XG-Editor & QS Voice Emulator & Bankloader for DB50, SW60, QS300etc.
Yamaha disk extractor 1.0.6   Yamaha disk image extractor