Author Topic: using internet connection sharing with XP, shared port must be IP  (Read 1121 times)

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a great use for an old XP laptop is to provide wireless for a number of other different computers
i did this because the wireless access speed thru this laptop was alot faster then my other machine.
i used a Toshiba A100 Satellite laptop just now, which had been modified with a Broadcomm Wireless N router to make it compatible with wireless drivers built in to osx when booted as a Snow Leopard hackintosh.... but its now loaded with its original XP operating system with its OEM license. So what i did was plug in an extra network interface express card "linksys-g" and i connected both the built in wireless + The addon/expresscard wireless to the same router, one on the "G" band, and the other on the "N" band, and then i connected a switch to the wired LAN connection and set it up for internet connection sharing.
the trick with that is. the wired LAN port on the laptop MUST BE SET TO or it just doesnt work..
 i was trying forever to use or and it didnt work at all. but as soon as i changed the ip to the 0.1 ip.. it just all magically worked as i thought it should have for the other configs..