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macos9 freeware (posted by doug wyatt, creator of oms)
« on: March 02, 2017, 09:35:27 AM »

Mac OS 9 freeware

RCSControl is a CodeWarrior version control plugin to interact with RCS running on a Unix host. It's somewhat of a hack but I used it regularly for a couple of years.

Macintosh Version Control page (covers other version control tools for MacOS)

SuperPopup is a system extension which provides a pop-up menu of running applications or windows within the active application. I can't use a (pre-OS X) Mac without it.

FixCiv.INIT is an innocuous (I think) system extension which fixes the fine game Civilization to run on System 7.5.2.

Jitter Analyzer analyzes the timing characteristics of AIFF recordings of metronomic sounds and displays statistics about the accuracy of the timing..

Modem Jammer is an application which lets you have MIDI jams between two Macintoshes connected via modem. There's also a mode where multiple players can jam in a PAN conference room [ha, that's pretty obsolete - dsw 3/23/98]. Requires OMS.