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Author Topic: yamaha rx21 (1981?)  (Read 750 times)

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yamaha rx21 (1981?)
« on: March 03, 2017, 10:23:32 PM »

Tape Sync with the

The RX21 can function as part of a tape sync setup, where digital impulses recorded
on tape can be used to control MIDI instruments for a Total Auto-Play system. In
the example illustrated, the tape sync signal is recorded on track 1 of a four-track
cassette using a Yamaha MT44D multitrack tape deck. This sync signal is then sent
to a Yamaha YMC10 MIDI Converter, which converts the signal back into normal
MIDI signals, which can then be used to control the RX21 , QX7 and TX7. The tape
sync signal contains START and STOP signals, and sets the Clock Rate of both
the RX21 and the QX7. The RX21 clock should be set to MIDI.
The other three tracks of the cassette tape contain recorded instruments or vocals.
In this way, the two worlds of acoustic and digital music are brought together as
never before, in this unique system designed by Yamaha, Simpiy by pressing the
PLAY button on the MT44D, the pre-recorded tracks are heard, the RX21 starts
to play, and the QX7 commences to generate your own digitally programmed music
via the TX7. For further explanation, see the appropriate owners manuals, and the
Yamaha Multitrack Guidebook.