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studio vision pro 4.5.1 system requirements
« on: March 04, 2017, 03:59:48 PM »

System Requirements

Minimum Install (MIDI only)

Macintosh 68030 or higher (fat binary app works on 68k and PPC)
MacOS 7.6.1 or higher (MacOS 8.5 is OK)
640x480 monitor w/ 256 colors or grays
CD-ROM drive (floppy drive needed for authorization)
10 MB hard disk space for application install
8 MB RAM application space (no virtual memory)
MIDI instrument and interface

Recomended for audio
PowerPC equipped Mac with Level2 cache or higher (604 or higher recommended)
SCSI hard drive (most new Macs have IDE, so it may need to be external).
16 MB RAM minimum application space (>16MB preferred).
5 MB disk space per minute mono for audio recording/editing.
ASIO compliant or Digidesign audio card recommended (but not required).

Audio Hardware Compatibility
ASIO Compatible Hardware
Digidesign: (DAE, Nubus and PCI)
ProTools 24
ProTools III and all compatible TDM plug-ins
ProTools Project
Session 8
Sound Tools II
ProTools 442
AudioMedia II/III

NOTE--Support for CBX will not be in the initial release of SVP but will be added back in with the 1 update.
CBX-D5 (with updated ROMs from Yamaha)