Author Topic: flash a sil3112A sata pci card for use with mac os x tiger+  (Read 3417 times)

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flash a sil3112A sata pci card for use with mac os x tiger+
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:26:34 AM »

You will need:
• A PCI SATA card that uses the Silicon Image SIL3112 controller chip.
• A PC that is able to boot from a floppy disk and has a spare PCI slot.
• 2 blank floppy disks.

1. Acquire a PCI SATA card that uses a Silicon Image SIL3112 controller chip. Most do. An eBay or Amazon search will usually turn up several results – you should not need to pay more than £10. I used this one :

2. Make yourself a Windows 98SE MS-DOS boot disk. You can get this from I use the “Windows 98 SE OEM” version, but it doesn’t really matter. Put a blank floppy disk in the drive then run the program. It will write the disk for you.

3. Download this zip file : SIL3112.ZIP and extract its contents onto another floppy disk. You should have two files, 'updflash.exe' and 'firmware.bin'.

4. Install the PCI SATA card in the PC, disconnect your hard drive (not essential, just makes your computer more likely to boot from floppy) and insert the MS-DOS boot disk.

5. Once the PC has started from this disk and you have an A:\ prompt, swap the disk for the one with the two files you downloaded.

6. Type “updflash firmware.bin” at the prompt. (Without the quote marks of course) Press 2 when it asks what controller type you are using. When the card is done, it will say “BIOS is loaded”.

7. Shut down the PC, remove the card - it’s good to go in a Mac.
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