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Author Topic: legacy AKAI downloads  (Read 847 times)

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legacy AKAI downloads
« on: July 28, 2017, 11:11:44 AM »

S Series Samplers

        S612 Manual
        S700 Manual
        S900 Manual
        S900/S1000 SYSEX Documentation
        S950 Manual
    S1000/S1100 Series
        S1000 Manual
        S1000/S1000HD/S1000PB/S1000KB OS v4.4
        S1100/S1100EX OS 4.3
        S1000/S900 SYSEX Documentation
    S2000 Series
        S2000 Manual
        S2000 OS 2.0
        S2000/S3000/S3200XL SYSEX Documentation
        S01 Manual
    S3000 Series
        S3000XL Manual
        S3000 OS 2.0
        S3000CD/S3000CDi OS v2.0
        S3000CDXL OS v2.0
        S2000/S3000/S3200XL SYSEX Documentation
        S5000/S6000 Manual
        S5000/S6000 OS v2.14
        S5000/S6000 SYSEX Documentation
        S5000/S6000 Extra Components
        S5000/S6000 USB Driver v2.0
        MESA Win 2.2
        MESA Mac 1.2
        ak.Sys Manual for v1.7
        ak.Sys Full Mac v1.7
        ak.Sys Lite Mac v1.7
        ak.Sys Full Win v1.7
        ak.Sys Lite Win v1.7
        ak.Sys Installation Guide for v2
        ak.Sys Full OSX v2.61
        ak.Sys Full Win v2.53

MPC Workstations

        MPC60 Manual
    MPC60 mkII
        MPC60 mkII Manual
        MPC2000 Manual
        MPC2000 OS v1.72
        MPC3000 Manual
        MPC3000 OS v3.11
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