Author Topic: hackintosh Tiger 10.4.x with an nVidia 7600GT GPU  (Read 2007 times)

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hackintosh Tiger 10.4.x with an nVidia 7600GT GPU
« on: October 17, 2014, 06:44:19 PM »

by daveharris   

This is quick and dirty how-to to get Quartz Extreme and Core Image at full resolution working on OSx86 (with OSX 10.4.8) a nVidia 7600gt 256MB card.

Follow the simple insructions below and you can’t go wrong:

    Install OSx86 with the optional Natit package
    Once booted find your card identifier by adding the DeviceID and VendorID together to get a string (mine is 0x02e110de)
    Edit the corresponding <string> tag for the IOPCIMatch key in these four packages (in /System/Library/Extensions)


    If the key has a number of values in the string tag, just add 0x02e010de&0x0000ffff to the start of the list.
    You now need to flush the kext cache so run the following:
    sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.*
    Now reboot and enjoy the goodness of Mac OSx86 :)

I cannot claim the credit for this, I got it from this forum here by a post by sinjon (shot mate ;) )
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