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Re: atari stacey (1989?) laptop
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Atari will be launching their new Stacy laptop ST computer at the PC Show at the end of September. The machine has already been exhibited at a computer show in Dusseldorf, along with two other new Ataris, the TT and STE. The latter two machines, both a step up from the ST in terms of power and features, will not be launched in the UK until early next year.

The Stacy could well prove to be a very popular item with musicians, being a fully ST-compatible portable computer in laptop form. Its most obvious application is as a stage-worthy computer sequencer - less hassle than a separate computer/monitor etc - though home studio owners might find its compactness very appealing if they are running out of space. The Stacy (£799.95) weighs in at only 15lbs, will run off batteries or mains power, and comes with 1 Mb of RAM. A 3.5" floppy disk drive is fitted, and an internal hard drive is available as an option. The monitor is a 640x400 pixel supertwist LCD mono screen, and the ST's mouse is replaced by a built-in trackball, obviating the need for extra real estate in your studio.

The forthcoming STE is an 'enhanced' ST, featuring improved graphics and sound facilities. More interesting, however, is the TT, Atari's 32-bit 68030 based machine. The processor runs at 16MHz, and the basic model will probably have 2Mb of RAM, with an internal 60Mb hard disk. Three main graphics modes will be supported: 1280x960 mono; 640x480 with 16 colours; 320x480 with 256 colours.

The main operating system of the TT will be the multitasking Unix 5.3, with X-windows running on top. A PC emulator will be supplied as standard, which is said to give very comprehensive PC emulation, running at AT speeds. TOS compatibility is maintained with the provision of TOS 1.4, which should allow many existing ST applications (including much music software) to be run without any problems.

Processor: Motorola 68C000
System Clock: 8MHz
Internal RAM: 1 Mb, 32K static RAM for LCD display.
Monitor: Supertwist backlit LCD mono.
Resolution: 640x400 pixels.
Keyboard: Full-function ST-compatible with 10 function keys.
Drive: 3.5" floppy, optional hard drive.
Mouse: Trackball and two 'mouse' buttons on keyboard.
Power: Internal by standard batteries, DC input for use with mains adaptor.
Standard Ports: MIDI In/Out, Monitor, Serial, Parallel, Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, RS232C, Game.
Weight: 15.2 pounds (6.8kg).
Dimensions: 13.3" x 15" x 13.3" (opened).