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Re: Promise EIDE 2300 Plus (1994)
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its actually from summer of 1994:

Date: August 18, 1994

EIDE2300PLUS Enhanced IDE Disk Controller for the VESA Bus

Promise Technology is pleased to announce the latest addition to our product line: the EIDE2300PLUS disk controller. The EIDE2300PLUS is designed to provide a cost-effective, high performance IDE disk controller to fully comply with and support the latest Enhanced IDE specifications for 32-bit VESA local bus-based PCs. In addition, the EIDE2300PLUS adds high-speed I/O ports (UART 16550), a bi-directional enhanced parallel port (EPP/ECP) and a game port -- making it a universal, single-slot, multi-functional disk controller...a one-of-a-kind IDE controller product.

The EIDE2300PLUS targets mainstream PCs and PC users that require high capacity, faster IDE disk drives and low-cost IDE-based peripheral attachments (such as CD-ROMs), for multimedia and Windows-based applications.

We have compiled the following information in order for you to become fully aware of the major product features, positioning in the market and our competition. Our product launch information covers: market overview, product specifications, product features & benefits, competitive analysis, product positioning and cost vs. performance/features comparisons.

Market Overview

With the increasing variety of multimedia and Windows-based application software and rapidly falling computer hardware prices, PC users are demanding lower-cost, higher performance, higher capacity storage solutions. To answer this ever-growing demand, Western Digital, the creator of IDE technology, introduced the Enhanced IDE specification (EIDE) in 1993. These specifications extend the realm of the IDE interface well beyond what was available previously. EIDE supports higher capacity IDE disk drives exceeding the 528MB barrier, faster data transfer rates (up to 13MB); allows up to 4 IDE devices to be driven by one controller, and includes attachment of low-cost peripherals such as IDE-based CD-ROMs. All this while maintaining traditional "plug 'n play" compatibility -- the mainstay of IDE technology.

EIDE serves as a realistic way to extend the life of the IDE interface and supports the growth of the 32-bit VL bus architecture which we believe will continue to evolve and grow despite the emergence of PCI. EIDE definitely serves the high-volume needs of stand-alone Windows and multimedia users who want flexibility and performance but do not require the additional cost or complexity of the SCSI environment.

The EIDE2300PLUS answers these needs through higher storage capacity support, faster data throughput, and IDE device support. But Promise adds even greater value by adding a full set of faster computer communication ports that support high-speed telecommunication transfers, printer transfers and add-on parallel port devices. With over 25 million VL Bus PCs installed, the potential upgrade market for the EIDE2300PLUS is tremendous.

EIDE2300PLUS Product Specifications
Model                                      EIDE2300PLUS             

Drive Type                                   EIDE/IDE               

Bus                                 VL (complies w/ VESA 2.0)       

Onboard BIOS for EIDE Drive                    YES                 

Number Of  IDE Devices                          4                   
Supported                         2 EIDE + 2 Standard IDE Drives   
                                    2 EIDE HDD and IDE CD-ROM       
                                 (IDE CD-ROM needs manufacturer's   

Primary And Secondary Support                  YES                 

Number Of Floppies                  2 (1.2MB, 1.44MB, 2.88MB)       

Floppy Tape Support with                       Yes                 
1Mb/s Transfer Rate                                                 

I/O Supplied                   2 high-speed serial (UART 16550), 1 
                               enhanced parallel port, 1 game port 

Maximum Data Transfer Rate                Up to 16MB/sec           
Supported                       PIO Mode 3&4 w/ I/O Channel Ready, 
                                           DMA Mode 1&2             

Operating Systems Supported     DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, Windows for   
                                 Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT 3.1,   
                                OS/2 2.0, 2.1, Novell 3.11, 3.12,   
                                4.01, SCO UNIX,  UNIX SVR   
                                      4.0.2, Lantastic 6.0         
                                Device driver supports 32-bit I/O, 
                                      ATA read-multiple and         
                                     write-multiple commands       

Product Features & Benefits
The following section highlights features and benefits of the     

IDE Device Support                         

Features                          Benefits             

Supports up to 4 independent IDE  Expands peripherals options for   
devices simultaneously            PCs that are internally "maxed   

Supports 2 EIDE disk drives       Allows IDE drives to exceed       
                                  528MB and supports higher data   
                                  transfer rates                   

Onboard BIOS supports LBA mode.   Perfect solution for high         
                                  capacity drive support. The       
                                  EIDE2300PLUS handles higher       
                                  capacity drives without           
                                  requiring external software       
                                  drivers that can cause           
                                  incompatibility problems.         

Offers PIO Mode 3&4 with IORDY    Allows higher data transfer       
and DMA modes 1&2 and Multiple    rates up to 16MB/sec for higher   
Read/Write Sector                 performance.                     


Features                          Benefits             

Two high-speed serial ports       Allows higher telecommunication   
(UART 16550)                      speeds for newer fax/modem       

One enhanced parallel port        Supports fast data transfers for 
(EPP/ECP)                         higher printing speeds; allows   
                                  attachment of high performance   
                                  IDE-based parallel port           

One game port                     Saves an extra expansion slot     
                                  with built-in I/O set.           

Two floppies supported (2.88MB,   Does not require separate floppy 
1.44MB, 1.2MB)                    controller while supporting the   
                                  highest capacity standard         


Features                          Benefits             

Promise EIDE2300PLUS complies     Highest level of hardware         
with VESA 2.0 standard            compatibility                     

Compatible with DOS 6.2, Windows  Wider range of software           
3.1, Windows for Workgroups       compatibility with your IDE       
3.11, Windows NT 3.1,             devices                           
OS/2 2.1, Novell 3.11, 3.12,                                       
4.01, SCO UNIX 4.2, UnixWare                                       
1.1, Banyan 5.54, LANtastic 6.0                                     

Competitive Analysis & Product Positioning
The feature-rich, cost-effective EIDE2300PLUS gives our customers the ability to match system requirements and to specifically target their markets. The EIDE2300PLUS goes well beyond the standard by providing higher IDE disk data throughput and larger IDE disk drive capacity support ... the ideal solution for users looking for a cost-effective upgrade solution for their existing VL Bus PC systems. Now these customers really do have a choice if their peripherals and capacity needs go beyond the norm.

The EIDE2300PLUS incorproates the widely-acclaimed Promise proprietary ASIC chip for proven reliability at a lower cost which is passed on to the customer.

With its on-board, auto-recognition BIOS, the EIDE2300PLUS offers an easy path to using the newer, higher capacity drive formats. Other competitors' products either use external drivers or require drive manufacturers to offer drivers. These external software-based drivers can cause various incompatibilities and other inconveniences to the user during or after installation - not to mention increased customer support needs.

Promise provides total customer satisfaction with additional state-of-the-art, value-added features such as our full set of high-speed I/O ports and floppy drive support up to 2.88MB capacity. The full set of high-speed ports not only eliminates the need for additional adapters to connect other communication and printer devices, but it also saves a valuable expansion slot in the user's system. In addition, the parallel port offers bi-directional data flow for printers and/or other external bi-directional devices. Finally, it gives the user the capability of handling ever higher serial and parallel data transmission rates while reducing transmission errors such as CRC Overflow.

The EIDE2300PLUS comes bundled with Promise's proven driver support for all major operating systems such as Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, SCO UNIX, Netware and more -- allowing you an extremely wide operating platform range.

No other major manufacturer offers all these features on a single-slot, low-cost Enhanced IDE controller card.

The following is a comprehensive product comparison chart showing the top four name brand EIDE disk controllers on the market today. The chart compares the major features of these cards that affect users the most.

Name Brand Product Comparison Chart

Features              PROMISE     Acculogic       CMD          DTC     
         EIDE2300PLUS   sIDE-4/VL     CSA-6210       2278     

System Bus              VL            VL           VL           VL     

Core Test (v2.92)      14.5          9.7          10.1         6.3     
(larger is                                                             

Max. Data               16            11           ?           8.3     
Transfer Rate                                                           
(MB/sec) ***                                                           

PIO Mode Support        3&4           3            3            3       

# of IDE Devices         4            4            4            2       

On-board BIOS LBA       YES          NO*          NO*          NO**     
Mode for higher                                                         
disk drive                                                             
capacity (see                                                           
note below)                                                             

# of Floppy              2            2            2            2       

2.88MB Floppy           YES          YES           NO           NO     

High Speed I/O          YES          YES           NO           NO     
(UART 16550,                                                           

Compatibility:           3            3            3            3       
DOS/Windows              3            3            3            3       
OS/2                     3            3            3            3       
Windows NT 3.1           3            3            3            3       
NetWare 3.x, 4.x         3            3            3            3       
SCO UNIX                                                               

Warranty               2 YRS         1 yr         1 yr         1 yr     

List Price              $69          $138         $49          $49     
* Uses external software drivers

** Needs disk drive manufacturer's drivers
*** All tests performed on a 50MHz VL system
w/4MB memory and a Conner CFA1080A drive

Note: Supporting LBA mode with an on-board BIOS does not cause compatibility problems
All trademarks are properties of their respective holders. Specifications subject to change without notice. Operating system and peripheral support quoted are current as of this publication date.