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Author Topic: Yamaha DOM-30 (1990)  (Read 3510 times)

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Yamaha DOM-30 (1990)
« on: October 03, 2017, 04:28:08 PM »

Yamaha DOM-30 1990

"Unit comes shipped in box with owners manual, power supply & original yamaha disks (AF9643AG - AF9649AG - AF9655AG (Disk 1) - AF9655AG (Disk 2) - AF9661AG (Disk 1) - AF9661AG (Disk 2))

Yamaha DOM-30 - The DOM-30 is a high performance MIDI tone generator / disk orchestra module with 100 voices and rhythm sounds. With 100 voices it makes the DOM-30 an excellent Tone generator system for use with a suitable MIDI sequencer, sampler, keyboard and computer system. The DOM-30 is also a sophisticated disk recorder, allowing you to record your own music software. You can independantly record up to 10 separate parts of a single musical composition - plus rhythm track. You can enjoy recording and playing back simple one-voice performances, or take advantage of the DOM-30's internal 100 Voice tone generator and create complex multitrack compositions that use a number of different voices. The DOM-30 is also an excellent keyboard practice aid as it allows you to cancel playback of specific parts so you can play them on the keyboard yourself, accompanied by the rest of the orchestra."

Some features:

Sound generation: AWM / FM
Polyphony: 16-voice plus
8-voice rhythm section, MIDI multimode
Sounds: 100 sound colors (67 AWM sounds / 23 FM sounds)
Effects: global reverb (Room, Hall 1 + 2, Cosmic)
Sequencer: 10 song buttons for playing the floppy discs, phrase pepeat, recording of ten tracks with rhythm
Mass storage: floppy disk drive (700 kb), max. 60 songs (approx. 50,000 tones), short charging time
Software: Disk Orchestra Collection, arrangements with up to 4 sections (mute switchable) and accompaniment book with notes, large selection of songs from classic to pop, pieces with different degrees of difficulty
Special features: can also be used as a MIDI sound expander and drum computer, processed aftertouch
Audio: line-out (l / r)
Connections: MIDI In / Out / Thru, footswitch
Test by Gerald Dellmann in KEYBOARDS 03/1990