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Author Topic: choosing a DAW host app for mac os 9  (Read 1542 times)

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choosing a DAW host app for mac os 9
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:22:20 AM »
here we are looking at the different options for choices of which software to run ordered by which is most recently updated

#1Ableton live 4.14 (Apr 2005)
**rewire 2 capable

#2Emagic logic 6.4 (Oct 2004)
**rewire 2 capable

#3Propellerheads Reason 2.5 (May 2003)
**rewire 2 capable

#4MOTU Digital performer 3.11(Oct 2002)
*rewire 1 capable

#5Steinberg Cubase VST 5.1 (Nov 2001)
*rewire 1 capable

#6Steinberg Nuendo v1.52 (October 2001)
**rewire 2 capable

#7Digidesign Pro tools 5.1.1 (June 2001)
*no rewire / use direct connect

#8Opcode SVP 4.5.3 (Nov 1999)
*rewire 1 capable

Additional notes:
Emagic Logic 5.2 (Aug 2002) *was the final version to use VST plugins
Emagic Logic 4.8.1 (Oct 2001) *rewire 1 capable
Digidesign Pro tools 5.0 (Nov 1999)

Sound Diver 3.0.5 (Dec 2002)

Sound Diver 3.0.52 (June 2003)
UNISYN 2.02 (March 2003)

Opcode Galaxy 2.5.2 (Mar 1998)

refill packer for reason 2.5:
it would occur to some that one could choose a particular "camp" to go with, using the hardware created by a certain company might be a good idea as you are able to assume that this configuration must have been rigourously tested by the company... here are a few of the "chosen paths" that combine the host DAW application, with their own MIDI hardware + MIDI management software:

**) Ableton Live + Reason via ReWire
can be used with any midi interface or librarian.. with no special integration

The Emagic Path
**) Emagic Logic + Sound Diver v3.05 Midi Librarian + AMT8/MT4 Midi interface?

The MOTU Path
**) MOTU Digital Performer + Unisyn v2.02 Midi Librarian + MOTU MTP Interface?

The Opcode Path
**) Opcode StudioVisionPro + Galaxy v2.5.2 Midi Librarian + Opcode MIDI Interface?

The Steinberg Path
**) Steinberg Cubase + ??? (no midi librarian made by steinberg)

version info:
OMS: http://www.oldschooldaw.com/forums/index.php/topic,2519.0.html
FREEMIDI: http://www.oldschooldaw.com/forums/index.php/topic,60.0.html
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