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« on: November 25, 2017, 07:23:31 AM »

Midi Tools Manual
 '7s Mixer Project   Complete 7s Mixer stack and xcmds
 'Procussion Project   Complete EMU Procussion stack and xcmds
 'K1000 Project   Complete K1000 stack and xcmds
 'DX7 Project   Complete DX7 stack and xcmds
 'MTP Project   Complete MTP stack and xcmds
 'Apples Midi Manager
 'Midi Tools xcmds
 'OMS Midi Manager   A special Midi Manager driver for OMS 1.2.3
 'OMS Version 1.2.3   A rare version of OMS that works with Midi Manager

The complete set of Midi Tools xcmds and xfcns The book...
Here for your convenience; does not include the SDK.