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presonus firebox (2005?)
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:13:20 PM »

The FIREBOX is the most powerful 24-bit/96k FireWire recording interface that fits in the palm of your hand. The FIREBOX is a complete 24-bit/96kHz personal recording studio combining two high quality PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers, 24-Bit/96k sample rate and Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track recording software. The FIREBOX is the perfect hardware and software combination for a powerful professional-quality and compact computer-based studio.

PreSonus FIREBOX Recording Interface at a Glance:

    Compact interface with highest record/playback track count in its class!
    Includes software router/mixer for additional control
    Works with 4-pin or 6-pin FireWire for laptop/desktop computer use
    FREE bundled Cubase software

Highest record/playback track count in its class!
The FIREBOX has the highest record/playback track count of its size with the ability to record six inputs and playback through ten outputs simultaneously all at pro-quality 24-bit/96kHz. Two ultra-low noise high-headroom microphone/instrument preamplifiers with 48V phantom power are on the front panel for quickly and easily connecting your favorite microphones and instruments. The FIREBOX also includes a high quality stereo headphone output with volume adjustment on the front panel. The headphone output has its own two-channel driver stream which can be used as a separate stereo bus or two-channel output giving you the ability to send a "cue" mix to the headphone output and a main mix to the main output. Two additional balanced TRS line inputs are located on the rear of the FIREBOX along with six balanced TRS line outputs. Two channels of S/PDIF input/output and MIDI input/output are also included via DB9 breakout cable.

Includes software router/mixer for additional control
The FIREBOX includes a software router/mixer for further flexibility and power. The 1/3U-wide metal chassis of the FIREBOX is designed to fit the MAXRACK rack-mounting system from PreSonus and can be racked with the TubePRE, COMP16, EQ3B and HP4 for a neat and compact computer recording system.

Works with 4-pin or 6-pin FireWire for laptop/desktop computer use
The FIREBOX works with both four and six-pin FireWire (IEEE 1394) connectors and can be powered by either 6-pin FireWire bus power, or powered by an external power transformer. The FIREBOX is also compatible with many popular ASIO/WDM and CoreAudio based applications including Logic, SONAR, Audition, Digital Performer, and others.

FREE bundled software!
The Windows XP- and Macintosh-compatible FIREBOX comes ready to record with Steinberg's Cubase LE 48-track 24-bit/96K recording software. Cubase LE is based on award-winning Cubase SX technology and features 48 audio tracks, VST plug-ins and full VSTi support. Cubase LE combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects. Cubase LE and all included plug-ins are compatible with both Mac and PC systems. Also, Cubase LE sessions are completely upward compatible with both Cubase SX and Nuendo. So if you choose to upgrade your FIREBOX setup down the road to Cubase SX or Nuendo, you can seamlessly upgrade all of your existing sessions when you upgrade your software. Cubase LE is the perfect entry into professional recording software giving you the ability to produce professional level recordings right-away, and giving you a system that you can expand into the future!

PreSonus FIREBOX FireWire Recording Interface Features:

    24-Bit/96kHz, FireWire (IEEE 1394) Audio Interface
    2 Discrete Microphone/Instrument Preamps
    2 Analog Line Inputs, 6 Balanced Line Outputs
    S/PDIF Input/Output, MIDI Input/Output
    Cubase LE Recording Software Included

You'll be recording in no time with the PreSonus FIREBOX!
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