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transfer station by interval music
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:51:17 AM »
Transfer Station (from Interval Music)

TransferStation's External Volume mode enables the use of the Mac's CD-ROM drive as a storage device for external samplers. Users can now access foreign /non-Mac CD-ROM volumes without the Mac automatically ejecting the CD-ROM media.
TransfertStation supports high-speed SCSI sample dumps to/from samplers

TransferStation includes built-in, fast SCSI drivers for sample dumps to/from most samplers. No MIDI is required!
supported Samplers include:
Akai S1000/S1100-series
Akai S2000/S2800/S3000/S3200-series
Emu Emulator 4, E4K, e64, ESI-32
Kurzweil K2000 and K2500
Peavey SXII and DPM-SP
Roland S-760 (the S760 requires a short MIDI message in addition to SCSI)
Both mono and stereo SMDI files are supported, and TransferStation will automatically merge and unmerge Akai and Roland files to stereo AIFF format. The user can access the sampler at the lowest sample level, no Programs required. Bulk sample dumps are supported.

TransferStation includes Audio CD controls for monitoring audio via the Mac's CD-ROM drive. There are also key commands for auditioning files directly from external volumes, Audio CD, Akai and Roland SCSI/CD-ROM, and direct-to-sampler memory through the Mac's sound output.

TransferStation saves and loads in standard AIFF and Sound Designer II file format and is compatible with these third-party applications:

Passport Alchemy
Jupiter Systems Infinity
Digidesign Sound Designer II
Macromedia SoundEdit 16 and Deck II
Tom Erbe's Sound Hack
Adobe Premiere or other applications supporting AIFF or SDII files.
You can route your auditioning function thru the Macintosh's built-in sound or thru your Pro Tools, Audiomedia, or NuMedia cards. Sound Manager 3.0 is supported and is thus compatible with Sound Manager 3.0-complient sound cards (ProTools, Audiomedia II, etc). Desktop Drag 'n Drop auditioning of Mac AIFF files is supported.
 New in TransferStation v2.1!

Support for Akai S3000 and S2000 SCSI Volumes. Browse, audition and import samples directly to your Macintosh.
New 32-bit Digital Filter for flattening Roland Pre-Emphasis curves. Works automatically in-place when importing from Roland SCSI volumes or sending and receiving to/from the S760. The filter is accurate to within +.86 dB of the Roland's emphasis curve and uses noise-shaping for the highest possible quality.
Exports Sample-name Texts list suitable for importing into your favorite word processor or spreadsheet. Includes Sample lengths and rates.
Imports from external Hard disks, Syquests, CD-ROMs:
Sample files from Akai S1000/S2000/S3000-series SCSI volumes (with selectable stereo merging of -L and -R chans to stereo AIFF or SDII).
Partial and Sample files from Roland S700-series SCSI volumes (with selectable stereo merging).
user-selecable tracks/track segments from audio CDs.
Auditions thru the Macintosh:
mono and stereo AIFF files directly from Mac Hard Disk
mono and stereo files directly from sampler memory
mono or stereo files from Akai and Roland HD, CD-ROM, etc, Volumes
stereo audio tracks from audio CD.
Bulk Importing, Stereo-merging and Auditioning is supported.
Reads: 8 and 16-bit mono/stereo Mac AIFF and Sound Designer II files.

Reads: Akai S1000/S2000/S3000 series and Roland S700 series SCSI Volumes, Audio CD.

Writes: 16-bit mono/stereo Mac AIFF, Sound Designer II files.

Exports: Sample Name tab-delimited text files including Sample length (words) and rate (Hz).

Samplers supported (SCSI Send and Receive to sampler internal memory):
Akai S1000/S1100 series
Akai S2800/S3000/S3200/CD3200
Emu Emulator 4, E4K, Emu e64, Emu ESi-32
Kurzweil K2000/K2500
Roland S-760
Number of samplefiles supported:

200-Vol/Akai Ext Vol
8192/Roland Ext Vol
99/Audio CD.
Digital Filter: Switchable 32-bit filter with noise shaping accurate to within +.86dB of Roland emphasis curve.

Compatible with: System 7.5/SCSI Manager 4.3/DMA machines.

Minimum memory partition: 1 megabyte enables Mac AIFF audition, audio Import, 100K samples files, 4-8 megabyte (or higher) recommended.

System Requirements
Macintosh II class or higher
System 7.0 or higher
reasonably fast hard drive.
Minimum 1 Meg memory partition, 4-8 megs recomended.
Sample import and SCSI transfers are RAM-based (you need as much RAM for your largest samplefile).
Hard disk audition and audio CD import are disk-based (these run in 1 mB partition).
Any Apple CD-ROM drive (CD-300,CD-600/Sony CDU-561 or higher) required for Audio CD access. Akai CD-ROM access works with any 512, 1024K, or 2048K byte/sector device and Roland CD-ROM works with 512 and 2048-byte sectors devices.
Sound Manager 3.1 and QuickTIme 2.1 (both included) required for auditioning and audio import.
rev 10/07/96