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Author Topic: history of thinkpad laptops (1992-present)  (Read 854 times)

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history of thinkpad laptops (1992-present)
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:12:29 PM »

X200         July 2008
X200s   Dec 2008
X220           Apr 2011

ThinkPad X
These are ultraportable business laptops. Devices such as the recent X1 Carbon are super slim, while the X1 Tablet offers the best of both worlds. Get one of these if you’re a frequent traveller.

ThinkPad T
These are durable laptops. Sacrificing portability for ruggedness, devices such as the T460p should hold up against the elements.

ThinkPad P
Like the T series, these are mobile workstations, albeit with a bit more power and slightly higher cost on the whole.

ThinkPad Yoga
Morphing with the Lenovo Yoga line of laptops, ThinkPad Yoga’s are 2-in-1’s, keeping that versatility but including beefier specs.

ThinkPad E
These are budget devices designed for small businesses. Expect a sub-£500 price for these models, without sacrificing too much on performance.

ThinkPad L
Another low-cost option, these 14” and 15” laptops won’t break the bank, but should serve you well for on-the-go use.

ThinkPad 13
The 13 series are more of for the classroom, aimed at students.

ThinkPad 11e
The 11e is the budget range, offering great choices for a second device or something for the kids. There are also some Chromebooks such as the 11e Chromebook on offer here.