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"Master Tracks PC" for DOS (1987) 64-track MIDI sequencer
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:20:07 PM »
the ibm pc DOS version of master tracks pro was referred to as "Master Tracks PC"
Master Tracks PC 64-track MIDI sequencer

Master Tracks PC

Master Tracks PC, from Passport De-
signs, is distinguished primarily by a
friendly user interface and a logical layout.
Menu options are clear and easily accessi-
ble, and context-sensitive help is informa-
tive and to the point. Despite the fact that
Master Tracks PC has 64 tracks and many
professional features, it has some surpris-
ing deficiencies.

Master Tracks PC is a hybrid of a mod-
ular sequencer, sucb as Texture, and a
standard tape deck-style sequencer. As
with Texture, you create songs by record-
ing multitrack sections (called patterns)
separately and linking them sequentially

may find it difficult to figure out the basics.
The tutorial helps, but a greater consisten-
cy in command style would be even more
helpful. Though the program is unwieldy
on the surface, there is a lot of power un-
derneath. We look forward to seeing Ver-
sion 2.0. 

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