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Author Topic: MusicQuest MIDIEngine 2Port/SE (1993) for windows 3.1 + windows 95/  (Read 2354 times)

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professional MIDI interface for laptop, notebook and desktop IBM compatibles.
windows 3.1 + windows 95

driver http://web.archive.org/web/19980212062017/http://www.opcode.com/downloads/pc_hardware/
supported in voyetra seq+gold

MIDIEngine 2Port/SE-- Windows 3.1 & Windows 95 Compatible
Professional external MIDI interface
[2Port/SE Image] The 2Port/SE is a professional MIDI interface for all IBM compatible laptop, notebook, and desktop computers. Using our proprietary MIDIEngine(tm) technology, the 2Port/SE features dual MIDI ports with FIFO buffering, data compression, and message filtering to efficiently drive 32 MIDI channels. The unit also provides a sophisticated SMPTE implementation for multi-track tape and audio/video applications.

Distinctive Features
High-speed parallel printer port connection
Dual MIDI ports for 32 channel support
Deep FIFO buffering on all MIDI inputs and outputs
Message filtering on all inputs and outputs
Channel remapping on all inputs and outputs
Data compression on all inputs and outputs
Full SMPTE support--syncs to and generates all formats
Adjustable freewheel for bullet-proof sync
Automatic SMPTE IN regeneration to SMPTE OUT
Balanced and unbalanced line-level SMPTE signals
Exclusive multi-client Windows driver
Diagnostic software for quick system checkout
Connecting cable and power adapter included
Attractive rugged steel enclosure
Music Quest design quality assurance

Any IBM compatible with a parallel printer port
MIDI compatible instrument(s)
Standard MIDI cables to connect instruments
Audio cables with 1/4" phone plugs for SMPTE
Music software

MIDI Ports
The 2Port/SE includes two independent MIDI ports for full 32-channel access. Your software can send and receive MIDI data to/from either or both MIDI ports. All MIDI IN's and MIDI OUT's support message filtering and channel remapping, with automatic status compression to maximize throughput. MIDI connections to the 2Port/SE are made with standard MIDI cables (not supplied). Additional playback instruments are connected with THRU/IN "daisy chaining" from one to the next.

Full SMPTE support is included with the 2Port/SE, for syncing to and generating all SMPTE formats. Adjustable dropout protection--often referred to as "freewheel"--insures truly flawless synchronization, even with marginal or corrupted time code. Incoming SMPTE time code is automatically regenerated--not merely duplicated--to SMPTE OUT so damaged sync tracks may be easily re-striped. SMPTE tapes can be striped while sequencing. For special applications, full SMPTE user bits support is provided, along with a unique micro-tunable frame rate feature. All sync connections are made to 1/4" stereo phone jacks, which are typically connected with simple audio cables directly to a tape deck. Either balanced or unbalanced line-level audio signals are used.

Computer Connection
While the 2Port/SE was designed as an advanced interface for laptop users, it may be used with any IBM compatible with a standard parallel printer port including notebook, desktop, and Micro Channel computers. Special printer port capabilities are not required. The unit is connected to the computer using an included standard DB25 M/F cable.

Software Compatibility
The 2Port/SE Windows driver supports all Windows multimedia programs (see below). For DOS programs, check with the software developer about 2Port/SE support.

Windows Driver
The 2Port/SE includes a sophisticated multi-client Windows driver for use with all Windows multimedia applications. The driver allows multiple Windows programs simultaneous access for MIDI input/output and sync. Both standard and '386 enhanced mode are supported. An exclusive virtual port facility is also provided which may be used, for example, to feed data from one MIDI application to another.

From the Recognized IBM Interface Experts
Music Quest has been producing MIDI interfaces for IBM since 1987, with an unmatched record for innovation, reliability, and price/performance. Anyone can make product claims of course, so ask an unbiased source. Our interfaces are recommended
by more leading IBM MIDI software developers than any other brand. And for good reason.

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  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • www.oldschooldaw.com | vintage audio production software + hardware info

Online chrisNova777

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  • Posts: 7565
  • Gender: Male
  • "Vintage MIDI Sequencing + Audio Production"
    • www.oldschooldaw.com | vintage audio production software + hardware info
also found this clone