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Author Topic: Avid Pro Tools Mbox (2011?)  (Read 1129 times)

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Avid Pro Tools Mbox (2011?)
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:49:20 PM »

After several years during which the Avid product line remained largely unaltered, it was all change in 2010. First we had a new range of audio interfaces for the HD range. Then came the intriguing HD Native card. Then, most dramatically of all, came Pro Tools 9, the first really powerful, hardware‑independent native version of Avid's market‑leading DAW (see our last issue for a review).

By removing the ties between native Pro Tools and their own hardware, Avid created an obvious challenge for themselves. Now that their interfaces are no longer acting as elaborate Pro Tools copy-protection dongles, they have to compete on level terms with the vast array of similar interfaces from rival manufacturers. Perhaps with this in mind, they have revamped their long‑running Mbox series of desktop audio interfaces.

Officially, the successor to the Mbox and Mbox 2 is known not as the Mbox 3, but as the Pro Tools Mbox, which brings altogether too much potential for sentences such as "Unlike the original Mbox, the Mbox supports high sample rates...” I hope Avid won't mind me occasionally sticking the number three on the end to avoid confusion. As before, there are three variants: the Mbox Mini, Mbox and Mbox Pro. Avid supplied the 'mummy bear' of the range for review: for details on the Mini and Pro, see the 'The Other New Mboxes' box.