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SOHOware SFA110A
10/100 Network interface card
Windows 2000 and XP
Windows NT
Windows 95, 98, and ME

10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter

More Net. Less Work

* 10/100 Auto PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

* Auto Negotiation! Automatically selects the fastest speed connection (10Mbps/100Mbps)

* Compatible with Windows, Netware, Unix and Linux OS

* Lifetime Limited Warranty


10/100 Mbps autosensing capability
Plugs into your computer's existing PCI slot
32 bit Fast Ethernet performance
Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME, and Linux
Lifetime warranty and toll-free technical support

Automatically accommodates the performance rate of your network
Provides maximum data transfer rates, with up to 200 Mbps full duplexing
Excellent for data-intensive applications like CAD/CAM, multimedia, streaming video and online gaming
Easy to install
Success is assured with SOHOware's commitment to service/support
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