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Future Domain PowerIDE (1995)
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MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1995--Future Domain Corporation, an Adaptec company, is now shipping the EIDE-AT32 VALUEPAK kit and the EIDE-AT42 VALUEPAK kit, two new high-performance dual-channel ISA-to-Enhanced IDE (EIDE) host adapters in retail kit form.

These kits are powered by new dual-channel host adapters, the IDE-16032 and IDE-16042, which incorporate Future Domain's proprietary "Double-word" technology. Double-word achieves data transfer rates up to 46% faster than standard IDE host adapters. The two adapters are identical, except the IDE-16042 adapter provides a floppy disk controller. Both kits support up to four peripherals, including hard disk drives and EIDE CD-ROM drives.

Double-word (32-bit) data transfer is a technique for moving two 16-bit words, back-to-back, between the host adapter and system memory. This significantly reduces the time required to transfer data to or from the peripheral, improving overall performance.

PowerIDE! Software
The EIDE-AT32 VALUEPAK and EIDE-AT42 VALUEPAK kits are shipped with PowerIDE! software, which includes a collection of applications, utilities, drivers and the Future Domain ATASPI input/output (I/O) Manager for EIDE peripherals such as hard disks up to 8.4GB capacity and CD-ROM drives. This exclusive I/O Manager allows application software to work seamlessly with EIDE peripherals. PowerIDE! software provides support for most major operating systems including: Windows 95, Windows NT, DOS/Windows 3.X, OS/22.X, OS/2 Warp and NetWare 4.X.

Pricing and Availability
The suggested retail price for the EIDE-AT32 VALUEPAK kit is $65.00 (U.S.) and the EIDE-AT42 VALUEPAK kit is $75.00 (U.S.) Both are available now through Adaptec and Future Domain domestic and international distributors. Adaptec and Future Domain also offer two other EIDE product solutions, the EIDE-VL VALUEPAK kit for a VL multifunction connection and the EIDE-CD VALUEPAK kit which provides a low cost EIDE CD-ROM connection for the ISA bus. The suggested retail price for the EIDE-VL VALUEPAK kit is $99.00 (U.S.) and the EIDE-CD VALUEPAK kit is $29.00 (U.S.).

Future Domain markets a line of Enhanced IDE host adapters, software, and kits for the PC market to OEMs and through distribution to VARs, systems integrators, and resellers. The company was acquired by Adaptec in July, 1995.

Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT) designs, manufactures, and markets IOware solutions to eliminate performance bottlenecks between microcomputers, networks, and peripherals. Solutions range from simple connectivity products for single-user and small office desktops, to intelligent subsystem, high performance SCSI, RAID, and ATM products for enterprise-wide computing and networked environments. Adaptec I/O solutions are incorporated into the products of virtually all the major computer and peripheral manufacturers around the world.

Founded in 1981, Adaptec is a recognized leader in high performance I/O technology. Adaptec currently employs approximately 1,900 people, and with its global distribution network, serves customers worldwide. Adaptec's World Wide Web home page address is -0-

Note to Editors: Adaptec and IOware are trademarks of Adaptec, Inc., which may be registered in some jurisdictions. Future Domain, EIDE-AT32 VALUEPAK, EIDE-AT42 VALUEPAK, EIDE-VL VALUEPAK, EIDE-CD VALUEPAK and PowerIDE! are trademarks of Future Domain, an Adaptec company. Windows 95 and Windows NT are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation used under license. All other trademarks used are owned by their respective owners. -0-
 Future Domain Double-word EIDE Host Adapters

Primary bus ISA
Host transfer technology Double-word (32-bit)
Maximum data rate Up to 3MB per second ISA data
 transfer rate
Number of peripherals 4
List price:
 EIDE-AT32 VALUEPAK $65.00 (U.S.)
 EIDE-AT42 VALUEPAK $75.00 (U.S.)
Availability September 1995

CONTACT: Future Domain
Laura Brandlin, 714/253-0400 x520
Adaptec, Inc.
Deanna L. Perez, 408/957-7816