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cakewalk pro audio 4.5 (Aug 1995) for windows 3.1 *download*
« on: December 12, 2014, 01:10:34 AM »
*** this will not run on a 64bit operating system!!!!! 

CAKEWALK PRO AUDIO v4.5 "for Windows 3.1" (yes it actually says this on the splash screen!)

There was just time to slip a few words into SOS on my first impressions of this new program, which arrived after I had written the main part of this article. The new program features 44.1kHz hard disk recording. Audio editing is basic, with level, EQ, cut and paste, audio-to-MIDI and MIDI-to-audio quantisation, plus tempo matching. But it is the vastly improved handling of MIDI that has delighted me. The major weaknesses of Cakewalk in Song construction and Part writing are now corrected, with Cubase-style drag and drop editing in Track and Piano Roll views.

My first impression: superb! Although you will need a DX2-66 PC or higher, with at least 12Mb RAM, unless you need to sync to external video or audio recorders you can save on the cost of a SMPTE card: Cakewalk Pro Audio synchronises audio and MIDI internally. File under Significant and watch this space...

Cakewalk Pro Audio v4.0: £339. Upgrade from v3 for: £85.

Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.01 is a 256-track recorder. Audio track size is limited only by the spec of the PC: as ever, 'the faster, the bigger, the better' is the rule. Any 16-bit Windows MME soundcard can be used. However, you will need a DSP-based card for simultaneous record and playback. Sample rates are soundcard-dependent, but 11kHz, 22kHz and 44.1 kHz are supported. Special provision is made for Digidesign Session 8. A great plus is that as Audio-MIDI synchronisation is internal, you can avoid the cost of a SMPTE timecode unit, unless you wish to lock to external devices. The program will run in Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, and installation is hassle-free. The printed manual is comprehensive, indexed, clearly laid out and supplemented by Windows Help.

Cakewalk Pro Audio 4.01 marks a giant step forward from previous versions, including Drag & Drop editing throughout, and an improved front page -- minus the blobs! Song structure editing is vastly improved. The program also uses a multi-screen approach, and has a timebase of between 48 and 480ppqn (pulses per quarter note). Colours can be customised -- I went for a gentle-on-the-eye look, essential for prolonged use. You can save to disk without closing editors, and user-assignable keybinds enhance mouse activity, to make getting around fast and efficient.
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