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Author Topic: Midisoft Studio 4.0 for windows 95 (1995)  (Read 4967 times)

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Midisoft Studio 4.0 for windows 95 (1995)
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:41:03 AM »

Studio 4.0
Copyright © 1995 Midisoft Corporation

Midisoft Studio allows you to compose musical scores and song lists. It can create scores with as many tracks as the system's resources can handle and features score view, piano roll, studio panel, mixer view, and MIDI list view. Other features include full recording and playback controls, measure, beat, tick meter, tempo slide bar, input/output indicators, auto rewind, auto quantize, hide WAV tracks, Metronome, follow notes, lead-in measures, refresh score view, transcription parameters, track insert, delete, copy, move, rechannel, combine, split by pitch, music insert/delete measure, change clef within track, key/time signatures, scale velocity, transpose song into another clef/octave/key, quantize notes, lyrics insert, and on-line help. Panel view lists track mode/description, MIDI port/channel, program channel, 8va, loop, volume/velocity. Mixer view is a virtual mixing board with master and individual track mixing features (pan, reverb, chorus, rec., solo, mute) for MIDI and WAV. Score view features a toolbar for selecting, adding, deleting, pasting notes and inserting WAV files. Studio 4.0 also includes Audio Works Pro, a WAV editor, audio mixer, and stereo player.

This version was released on CD-ROM.
Total install size: 6.52MB