Author Topic: firmtek seritek 1s2 older firmware versions  (Read 806 times)

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firmtek seritek 1s2 older firmware versions
« on: May 29, 2019, 05:53:28 AM »
FirmTek is the owner/maker of the ATA code
-TurboMax/33 was the only Acard product they did the firmware for (AEC-6210U/UF)
-(VST) UltraTek/66, Sonnet Tempo/100, Sonnet Tempo/133 are all based on Promise chipset (PDC20262, PDC20268, PDC20269)
-TurboMax/66 & Sonnet Tempo/66 are from Acard. (Sonnet Tempo RAID133)
-SIIG also sells Acard cards


FirmTek System Cache Cleaner
FSCAPP is a small application designed to clear the System cache of driver information. It can be used to purge old driver information from Mac OS X after installing a new FirmTek driver. A restart is required after using this tool. Each firmware update archive provided on this page already includes the proper tools and installation instructions for completing an upgrade and does not require a separate download of FSCAPP. This download is simply available for trouble shooting issues where it appears that an old driver may still be present in the cache and causing compatibility issues.