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directx SDK
« on: June 07, 2019, 07:48:36 PM »

Writing an audio plug-in or software synthesizer?

The new DXi 2 soft synth development kit is what you've been waiting for!  The SDK provides a wizard that allows you to choose one of two development paths: DXi or straight DirectShow filter. 

New Capabilities in DXi 2
- Multiple audio output streams from a DXi
- MIDI output from an MFX or DXi, to the host
- Raw MIDI event processing (e.g. for MTC)
- Flexible, high-resolution time-conversion
- Per-channel patch, note, RPN and NRPN names
- Efficient processing of silent audio buffers
- Pitch marker access

Simplified Development
- Fully editable source code
- Single self-contained DLL (no more proxy DLL)
- Simpler DXi coding model

What about DX8 plug-in automation?

Microsoft has released a set of API's in the DirectX 8 development kit that provide real-time automation of plug-in parameters, known as IMediaParams.  These changes can be arbitrary or follow any type of curve.  With SONAR, Cakewalk developed additional support for these interfaces which enable the host to timestamp value changes via mouse gestures in the plug-in's UI. 

View our online plug-in automation tutorial to see how easy it is to implement DX8 automation with a UI callback mechanism!  This tutorial is also included in the DXi2 / DX plug-in development kit below.

What are DXi and MFX?

DXi is a DirectShow-based software synthesizer plug-in architecture, which combines audio DSP with MIDI event handling.  MIDI effects (MFX) is a COM-based plug-in architecture designed for real-time processing of MIDI events in applications like SONAR.  MFX was used to help extend DirectShow into what became the DXi architecture.  The download below includes a standalone MFX wizard to facilitate the development of MIDI-only plug-ins.  Click here to learn more about MFX.

Where do I find out more?

We encourage you fill out the Development Update Notification Form.  This will allow us to contact you with updated information as it becomes available. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential.

Yes, I'd like to fill out the form now so that I can be notified of updates to the SDK!

There is also a peer-to-peer forum devoted to discussions of DShow plug-in and DXi development at

For more information, you may consult the DXi2 SDK errata page, which describes solutions to some known problems.


The DirectShow/DXi SDK and is completely free, so developers can download and freely join the revolution without restrictions. 

Step #1 - Download the DXi2 SDK and write the Plug-in.

In addition to the DXi 2 SDK, a good source of information is MSDN online, with information on DirectX at

Before using the DXi wizard, you'll need to get the complete DirectX 8 SDK.

The complete Microsoft DirectX SDK provides far more than audio, including video, force feedback, and other interactive technologies. For creating DirectX audio effects and DXi, we've made it easy for you... You can download our DX Plug-in Wizard below, which gives developers using Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0 an easy framework for creating DirectX audio plug-ins and DXi.

Now Serving: DXi2 SDK Version

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Re: directx SDK
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