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evolution sound studio gold (win3.1/95) (1997)
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:25:49 AM »

Sound Studio Gold is a powerful MIDI sequencer with integrated digital audio record and playback facilities. You can record and arrange music for a MIDI synthesiser and add Digital Audio patterns such as vocal riffs, drum loops, ambient background sounds and so on. There is also a Chords track so you can add instant accompaniments in a variety of styles to your music. This is very easy to use and can save hours of arranging time.
16 Stereo Digital Audio tracks
256 MIDI tracks
Track window where you can copy and drage music patterns
Realtime digital audio effects, including reverb, echo, delay, pan and volume
AVI support for adding your own soundtrack and/or voice over
Record while playback for Audio tracks (requires a full-duplex sound card)
Punch In/Out recording for Audio and MIDI tracks
Record in Loop mode for Audio and MIDI tracks
Audio track bouncing to combine audio tracks and free up resources
Mixer screen for adjusting Audio and MIDI tracks volume, pan effects, mute, solo, record
Large time display
VU display for audio
Import/Export wave files
Instance chord wizard for creating instant "backing tracks" using 16 preset styles
SMPTE/MTC or MIDI Clock synchronization
Multiple Stave Display Score Editor with lyrics support
Simplify Score feature optimizes the MIDI note values to generate an uncomplicated looking score
Realtime chord recognition and easy play features
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