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digi 003 (2007?) console + rack
« on: August 04, 2019, 02:11:49 AM »

Digidesign's LE range has received a comprehensive overhaul in the last year, and the new flagship 003 and 003 Rack incorporate many improvements over their predecessors.

Mike Thornton

After many rumours, Digidesign recently announced the replacements for their popular 002 and 002R interfaces. The new models are called, perhaps unsurprisingly, the 003 and 003R. As with the M Box 2, it's clear that these are not intended to provide anything radically different from their predecessors. There are some new features and many improvements, but the basic functionality or philosophy behind the products hasn't changed, and of course they still come with the highly respected Pro Tools LE DAW software. Like the 002, the 003 combines a multi-channel audio and MIDI interface with an eight-fader control surface, while its rackmount sibling includes the interface without the control surface. Most of the enhancements that have been made thus relate to the 003, as the 002 had more features than the 002R to start with! However, there are some improvements that apply to both models.

Universal Benefits
Many prospective buyers will welcome the inclusion of word clock input and output ports on both the 003 and 003R. This was a feature first offered in the LE range of interfaces with the introduction of the M Box 2 Pro (reviewed in November 2006: The word clock in and out ports let you connect BNC cables to synchronise your 003(R) to incoming word clock signals, and synchronise other devices to Pro Tools-generated word clock. Unlike the M Box 2 Pro, what's more, the 003 can clock to external signals at up to 96kHz. Sync indicators on the front panel show the active external clock source, from word clock, SPDIF and ADAT.

Digidesign have also introduced into the 003 family the second headphone output they added to the M Box 2 Pro. The two headphone outputs normally mirror outputs 1/2 in Pro Tools, and are independent of the monitor outputs, but the second headphone output can mirror outputs 3/4 when the '3/4-HP2' switch is selected. Both headphone outputs will be fed with the Aux In signal when Aux In (to monitor) is enabled. The headphone outputs are not affected by the Monitor Mute switch, but do follow the Mono switch.

The new arrangement is ideal for having a second headphone output for the 'talent', allowing you to create a separate monitor mix routed to outputs 3/4, leaving the main outs routed to outputs 1/2 for the engineer to monitor without disturbing the talent.

Another improvement is the addition of a second monitor output, which is great for having a second 'domestic reference' set of speakers attached to the system without needing another box to connect them.