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Author Topic: Evolution MK-225C (2002) aka "Pro Controller 25 USB"  (Read 8444 times)

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Evolution MK-225C (2002) aka "Pro Controller 25 USB"
« on: January 08, 2015, 09:41:18 AM »
pc drivers: http://web.archive.org/web/20051104063940/http://www.evolution.co.uk:80/pub/usbdriverspc.zip
mac drivers: http://web.archive.org/web/20060217010945/http://www.evolution.co.uk:80/support/drivers/drivers_mac.php

Pro Controller 25 USB (MK-225C) Keyboard
UC-16    ¦ Pro Controller 25 USB    ¦ Pro49    ¦ Pro Controller 49 USB    ¦Pro61    ¦
Pro Controller 61 USB    ¦PlayPlanet    ¦Music Creator 49    ¦Music Creator 61    ¦
Pro Controller 25 USB (MK-225C) KeyboardDon't be deceived by this baby's cute looks and size because underneath lurks a killer controller, bursting with pro features yet compact and highly portable. It possesses 8 fully assignable rotary controllers for real-time control of plugins and virtual instruments even MIDI hardware. Each of these controllers, plus the mod wheel, can be assigned to a different MIDI channel which means that multiple plug-ins can be controlled on separate channels. Powerful stuff indeed! The individual data entry buttons on this hot little controller mean that program / channel changes etc are made directly using buttons, not the keys, which means faster, more precise control for you guys.

The main features...

*25 full-size touch sensitive keys
*8 fully assignable high resolution rotary controllers
*Assignable modulation wheel making 9 assignable controllers in total
*10 non-volatile memories - all settings stored even when powered off
*Unique data entry buttons for fast, precise control
*USB compatible (USB cable plus PC and Mac drivers included)
*Provides USB interface plus standard MIDI OUT socket
*Sustain pedal socket plus 9v DC power socket for use with other MIDI products

The keyboard also features pitchbend wheel, modulation wheel (fully assignable) making 9 assignable controllers , transpose function, octave shift, program and bank change, 3 digit LED display, 10 non volatile program memory buttons (stored even when keyboard is unplugged), a sustain pedal socket and can also act as a USB to MIDI interface.

An extensive software pack is also included as part of the package. This includes:

Sound Studio II is a powerful MIDI and audio sequencer with VST plug-in support which turns your PC into a professional recording studio. It provides integrated audio multi-track recording and sequencing with over 1000 MIDI tracks, plus loads more...

Sound Studio II, is a powerful MIDI and audio sequencer with VST plug-in support which turns your PC into a professional recording studio. It provides integrated audio multi-track recording and sequencing with over 1000 MIDI tracks, plus loads more...

Music Teacher, which makes learning to play the keyboard easy and fun. It comes complete with a range of lessons to get you going. The teacher will show you the way giving you the option of learning notes, rhythm or both and showing your mistakes. Like any teacher the Evolution Music Teacher will give grades. You can even choose which teacher you want - from Mr.Easy through to Mr.Guru!

MusicPlanet, designed for computer users, young and old, who would love to play and create music but have never known where to begin. MusicPlanet gives you a great start with hundreds of professionally recorded samples which can be played and mixed together to create an array of musical compositions, from a chart-topping pop hit to a classical piano masterpiece to a pre-school nursery rhyme. The composition can be recorded and saved away at the touch of a button, which means all those great ideas will never be lost.

Plus a huge selection of VST plug-ins and Virtual Instrument demos.

System Requirements:
Pentium II 300MHz 128MB RAM or better with USB (recommended), MIDI or Game Port socket, Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, approved MME or ASIO compliant soundcard. PowerMacintosh G3 or better with USB running 0S 9 / OS X / OS X v10.2

windows drivers: http://web.archive.org/web/20051125105143/http://www.evolution.co.uk/pub/usbdriverspc.zip
mac os 9 drivers: http://web.archive.org/web/20060217010945/http://www.evolution.co.uk/pub/mac/UsbDriversInstaller.sit.hqx
osx usb patches: http://web.archive.org/web/20060217010945/http://www.evolution.co.uk/pub/mac/EvolutionUsbExt.sit.hqx

drivers used to be on m-audio.com but as of october 2014 many download links were broken by a m-audio website update
the windows drivers here are compatible with: Win98/ME/2000/XP
for the following products by evolution and/or m-audio
MK-225C, MK-249, MK-249C, MK-361, MK-361C, MK-425C, MK-449C, MK-461C, UC-16, UC-17, UC-33, eKeys and Keystation 37, Keystation 49e, Keystation 61es & EV-10

download full cd image that this item shipped with including bundled software: (thanks to cyberish)

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