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Tascam M1516 (1992) 16 channel 4 buss
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Tascam M1516
16 tracks


TASCAM M1516 £1499

8-track, 4-group recording console

Reviewed in SOS June '92

Aimed at the home 8-track studio market, the M1516 is fundamentally a 16-channel desk, routing to four sub-groups/tape sends, but with a secondary signal path in each channel. This 'Dual' input is configured for maximum flexibility in use, serving as a tape monitor channel, an additional input on mixdown, or as a stereo aux send from the main channel path signal.

Insert points are included only on the first eight channels. Channels 9-16 incorporate a secondary line input in place of the insert point. Mic inputs are provided on all channels, but no phantom power. EQ offers simple fixed-frequency, shelving HF and LF bands with a sweep mid section. There are three aux sends and four effects returns. Returns 1 and 2 are stereo, whilst 3 and 4 are mono. Channel facilities are completed by a PFL switch, and 75mm fader.

The M1516 proves highly flexible in use. Signal quality is on a par with competing models in this sector of the market, with noise and crosstalk at fairly conventional levels. Mic amp performance is perfectly acceptable in the context of a desk aimed primarily at budget multitrack users, although they will be restricted to dynamic mics (unless external PSUs are pressed into service).

This mixer looks ideally equipped to partner any semi-pro (-10dBV) 8-track open-reel or cassette recorder, but it would be quite possible to use it with a 16-track. It is a shame that insert points are not provided on the second bank of eight channels, but this desk really does manage to cram a lot into its compact and suprisingly lightweight chassis. For a budget desk, it is beautifully built and finished, with a nice solid feel to all controls and switches. Its inherent operational flexibility allows it to handle different working practices with the mimimum of difficulty.

features 8 direct outs to tape + 8 tape returns
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