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Yamaha SW60XG (1995)
« on: April 05, 2015, 10:31:09 AM »

This is an ISA version of famous sound daughter board - DB50XG. It is created on the basis of the same set of microchips, as DB50XG, but is installed in ISA connector of your PC. Such architecture allows to install this card in computers, on motherboards which already have SB-compatible set of microchips, but no expansion connector (Wave-Blaster Connector) or with sound cards that do not have such connector (Gravis Ultrasound, Turtle Beach Tropez etc). Besides this SW60XG is equipped in addition with microphone and line-in inputs and the 4th DSP processor that allows you to perform a real-time editing of analog sound (from mic, line-ins and CD).

Wavetable (AWM2) tone generation.
SW60XG bundle includes GUI mixer.
Panel and Voice Cancel software.
3 Independent on-board DSP processors.
676 melody voices: 480 in XG mode and 579 in TG300 mode.
21 Drum kits: 11 in XG mode and 10 in TG300 mode.
4 Pole resonant 24dB/octave filters.
4Mb of Wave ROM.
32 Note polyphony.
16 Part multi-timbral.
Reverb: 11 types.
Chorus: 11 types.
Variation: 42 types

Stereo mini-jack line input.
Mono mini-jack mic input.
CD audio connector.

Stereo mini-jack output.

system requirements
PC/AT compatible computer with 486/25Mhz or higher CPU.
4MB of available memory (8MB recommended).
16 Bit ISA slot.
VGA or Super VGA monitor.
Mouse and audio speakers or headphones.
DOS version 5.0 or higher or Windows 3.1 or higher.
Don't require any additional hardware if used as a MIDI tone generator.

General MIDI.
Yamaha XG.
IBM PC or 100% compatible.
Requires Soundblaster compatible sound card or soundcard on the motherboard for Soundblaster compatibility in the games.